What Is Magnetic Sponsoring

What is Magnetic SponsoringWhat Is Magnetic Sponsoring?

What is magnetic sponsoring, can it help you in your journey to achieving success in the MLM / Network Marketing Industry? so you’ve probably heard of Mike Dillard and the Magnetic Sponsoring Course right and it’s probably the reason you are doing your research into this highly recommended attraction marketing course.

So what is magnetic sponsoring all about?

Magnetic sponsoring is very well known book which is available in both digital form as a personalised online pdf or a spiral bound paper back hard copy and is targeted specifically at people involved in the mlm / network marketing industry, who are searching for a method to generating more leads and recruiting more reps into their home based business using the concept of attraction marketing.

The magnetic sponsoring course teaches the art of self branding so you can build a reputation as a trusted expert in your field and other people in your niche can start trusting you as an authority figure.

Which in turn means instead of you having to chase people for the sake of introducing them to your business opportunity and irritating and annoying them, you become the go to person so people start to contact you about working with you. This solves the common problem of cold prospecting or approaching strangers. As you become the hunted instead of a hunter.

What is magnetic sponsoring & does it work?

So now that you have a rough idea “what is magnetic sponsoring” the next obvious question would be does it work?

One thing you need to understand about this truly great book is it’s not so much about if the book works but rather if you put what you learn from the book into action, everything you learn in this book I can personally attest to does indeed work because I am personally using all the teachings from it and can honestly recommend the ebook to anyone interested, for a book by Mike Dillard and the price it’s sold at it’s a give away.

I am personally generating a ton of leads and recruiting people into my primary MLM business thanks to the teachings from Magnetic Sponsoring as it really has helped me lay down the foundation using the concept of attraction marketing.

What is Magnetic Sponsoring & MLSP Lead Generation

This is my personal lead chart from another tool I use to generate leads using the
teachings from The Magnetic Sponsoring course


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