Visalus Weight Loss Reviews

visalus weight loss reviewsVisalus Weight Loss Reviews

Looking For Visalus Weight Loss Reviews? Great, well here goes some great information on not just a great product but also a great network marketing company.

If you have already done some research you already know that ViSalus is huge all around the globe and getting some real huge exposure from celebrities as well as a huge push from those of us who are using it as their primary network marketing companies to earn a great income from commissions and team building.

Now understand I am in no way affiliated with ViSalus and it is not my primary business opportunity being a network marketer myself (Click Numis Network if you like to check out my primary business and get more details on that) so this information is completely unbiased.

Visalus Weight Loss Reviews – About The Visalus MLM Company

Now obviously there must be a reason you are looking into Visalus Weight Loss Reviews either you want

Visalus Weight Loss Reviews

to lose weight and are checking to see the legitimacy of the Visalus company products and whether the products actually work or are involved in the network marketing industry and just doing your research to see whether the company is right for you.

Whilst writing the Visalus Weight Loss Reviews I will go over the company, the product and the results that people have achieved by using the product.

Visalus was originally established in Troy, Michigan by the name of “The Free Network” but in 2004 the company decided to change their name to the now Visalus Sciences, which to be honest do sound a lot better.

As far as the MLM / Network Marketing side of ViSalus are concerned Visalus has many top leaders and producers from other direct sales companies such as Herbalife, Amway and is still growing rapidly.

You can read a full Visalus Scam post I did previously which goes into a lot more detail on the compensation plan and network marketing side of things but in this post we are concentrating on the “ViSalus Weight Loss Reviews” side of things so let’s continue in that direction.

Visalus Weight Loss Reviews & The Truth Behind The 90 Day Challenge

Normal people like you and me have achieved some great results using the infamous 90 day challenge which has got so much recognition world wide from celebrities like Hulk Hogan and people just like you and me.

visalus weight loss reviews hulk-hogan

So exactly is the Visalus 90 Day Challenge and why is it so popular, well carry on reading and I will explain exactly what it is and how it works.

Powered by a line of leading products by ViSalus. The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is the perfect way to start a lasting health transformation. Take the challenge and you will find that it’s not just about what you have to lose but also what you have to gain.

You simply select one of four challenge kits that can be shipped right to your door. The centerpiece of each kit is the flavorful Vi Shape Shake. Every kit comes with a sampling of the patented Shape Up Health Flavours  Packing which you can use to add flavour mix-in.

During your 90 day challenge enjoy a new tasty healthy shake every day of the week, plus every Body By Vi kit includes FREE access to a exclusive online community of challenge takers around the globe and; hundreds of tips, tools, videos and experts to support your success.

All you have to do is select one of four Challenge Kits for your specific personal goal. So for example If your goal is good nutrition, the Balance Kit is for you.

If you are looking to shape up and lose weight faster, try the Shape Kit.

The ViSalus Core Kit is great if you have an active lifestyle. For your ultimate transformation, choose the Transformation Kit. The number one kit used by Body By Vi Challenge Champions.

Visalus Weight Loss Reviews & Real Transformation!


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