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The Keyword is “Social Network”

Social Network Marketing is not about pitching and selling your business opportunities. Every day i see on social networks like Facebook and twitter crammed full of, people directly pitching their businesses especially newbies who are new to¬†network marketing. I did this too in the beginning like many other new network marketers but realised after some …

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People Join People (Heard it a million times)

Do not promote your business opportunity, promote yourself, that’s right I just told you not to promote your business. The basic rule of attraction marketing is, and I know you’ve probably heard it a billion times “people connect with people”. Most people run the other way as soon as you start your selling pitch. It …

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Attraction Marketing Facts & Fiction

We are naturally attracted to things or people we like, admire or look up to. It is a normal part of every persons life, in marketing you must learn to use the law of attraction to your advantage, this is the number one secret to getting your business to a good start and building a …

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Facebook & Social Networking Marketing With Attraction Marketing

So if you are in network marketing you may or may not know about the benefits of social marketing and making connections with potential online sponsors. If done correctly social marketing is the jackpot of internet marketing, think of it like traditional advertising but without actually leaving your house, making your first impression the correct …

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