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Attraction Marketing is all hype

Attraction marketing is all hype and an in effective method of building any business, at least that’s what 97% who are failing at their business still believe. But in all seriousness if you are still out there doing the whole my business opportunity is the best with the best compensation plan and awesome pay, wake …

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Spamming Is Trendy For Recruiting

Spamming Is Trendy? At least that’s what lots of people in the network marketing industry think especially if you look on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkdinn, of course I do not endorse spamming and being a pain in the @$$, it goes completely against what I teach and how to market correctly …

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Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring – Evolution Of MLM

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring You are obviously doing some research on Mike Dillard which to me indicates either you are looking to join the network marketing industry or are already part of it and just doing your research to learn more about Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring and how both the concept of attraction marketing and …

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MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead Generation? Are you as confused as I was when I got started in network marketing in 2005 (almost seven years, WOW). MLM Lead Generation for a network marketer is priority especially if you are new and not really been able to brand yourself yet, it is one of the top two stepping stones to network …

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Attraction Marketing Vs Old School

So you have heard about attraction marketing right? You should have done, if not then check out the image below and see why you should be using attraction marketing instead of the old school cold calling, selling and pitching. The below image explains pretty clearly, why attraction marketing beats down the old school pitching selling …

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Attraction Marketing & MLSP

Why attraction Marketing  My Lead System Pro Watch the video and you’ll understand.

What is attraction marketing?

What is attraction marketing? I’m sure if you are a network marketer you must have come across this term at one point or another in fact maybe that is what you were looking for in a search engine right this minute. So many people I talk to ask me this question what is attraction marketing …

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Action = Results

In my early days as a newbie network marketer, i was anxious to get started and all i saw was the sparkling dollar signs. Like most newbies i thought if i signed up to a MLM programme the money would magically start to fall out the sky into my bank account (in my PayPal account …

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5 Reasons, why choose attraction marketing?

Why should you adapt attraction marketing as your primary method of generating leads. Allot of people in the MLM industry ask this exact same question especially if they are already generating a steady stream of leads plastering their business opportunity everywhere from classified sites such as Craigslist to social networking sites like Facebook. You know …

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Setting Up Your Facebook Profile – Tip 1

My Personal Facebook Marketing Tips – Tip 1 Hay everyone, Here is some pure value for everyone using social networking giant Facebook to market their business online, I will be producing a video series soon which will have allot more where these came from and shed some light in more detail. Enjoy Tip 1. – Your …

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