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Well what can I say about myself, my name is Abdul Waheed, I was born in the United Kingdom Birmingham where I still live.

Went to school and got well educated, got very interested in computers and the I.T industry and managed to achieve some really good qualifications to prove myself, like everyone is taught to then after searching for what seemed like ages for a J.O.B in computers and the I.T industry finally ended up getting a J.O.B working as a security officer full time in a shopping centre.

Was so fed up of working that J.O.B so started up my own graphic design and web design companies ( & which I still have to date.

Anyway worked my @55 of like crazy for almost 6 years as a security officer and eventually got made redundant.

Looked around once again for a J.O.B with no luck and this is where things changed, I got introduced to my first MLM company back in 2005 which I was very excited about.

Am very happily married for the last five years now and have one 2 year old daughter who I love to bits, my wife like most is a pain (just kidding).

My Little Angel – She Loves Chocolate as you can see

I have been in the Internet / Network Marketing Industry now for almost seven years of which three years were a complete and utter disaster for me I pretty much failed at every Internet / Network Marketing business I tried, that was six years ago, I have also been in the graphic design & web development industry for around the same amount of time.

These all started out believe it or not as a hobby and became a profession for me, every day i would come home and like allot of people sit in front of my computer.

I would launch Photoshop or Dreamweaver and start to experiment, over the years I picked up and self taught myself and became somewhat of an expert.

Then a few years later around 2005 I came across Internet / Network Marketing and became absolutely fascinated with the idea of not searching for a job and earning more money from home in weeks and months than I could ever in a proper full time J.O.B.

I self taught and picked up every bit of data I could find online about the industry and joint many mlm companies and never really got anywhere, until I found why I was failing and how to turn things around.

My goals in life like allot of people have always been financial security and an endless stream of income.

That’s pretty much me and my story from Security Officer with crap pay to network marketer with tonnes of leads and signups.

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Abdul Waheed
Network Marketing Coach

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