4 Reasons Why My Lead System Pro Doesn’t Work……

My Lead System Pro4 Reasons Why My Lead System Pro Doesn’t Work……For You

There are plenty of people who use My Lead System Pro who find success with using the system to build their businesses but there are also those of us who find it extremely difficult to get things going and really believe that My Lead System Pro doesn’t work.

I am a firm believer in the system and I have been using it for almost the last year and have generated over 500 leads, made more money and recruited more people with the help of the system then in my last seven years in the industry, with that said I have also been contacted by and met people who simply can not get My Lead System Pro to work for them.

Below are some reasons that I honestly hope will help you get the most out of your My Lead System Pro system and get you going in the right direction.

Social Proof Of My Lead System Pro

Here is some social proof and screen-shots of what My Lead System Pro can do for you and your business

My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro Lead Generation

My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro Residual Earnings

O.K So Now You Have Seen The Proof That My Lead System Pro Does Indeed Work, let’s get into exactly why it does not work for some people and it could well be you.

My Lead System Pro, Reasons for your failure

1 – Not putting enough effort into the system to get it to work for you, to get some real and serious results you need to work hard and set out a daily massive action plan that you must do for at least 90 days, so many people want instant results and instant cash they get there hopes up thinking My Lead System Pro is like magic, unfortunately not.

2 – Treating the system as a business opportunity and trying to actually sell it as a sales person, this has got to be one of the biggest mistake people tend to make, yes you can earn a residual commission from recruiting people into My Lead System Pro but MLSP is not a primary business opportunity or MLM in it self it is a tool to help you build your business properly and should be provided as a tool, let me give you an example here of what our conversation to My Lead System Pro leads should go like and what they should no go like :-

“You know shelly I actually use MLSP to generate all my leads and learn everything I do, if your interested in checking out the tool that helped me build my business I can give you the link” instead of “I can show you a way to generate more leads and sign up more people, i have the system that i use on a special risk free 2 week trial at only $9.97, if you got a paper here is the link”

What’s the difference? One sounds more like a sales pitch then you offering to help, remember when you call your prospect do not be a sales person and try to pitch and sell them MLSP instead, talk, build rapport and offer MLSP as a tool that can help them in their business.

3 – Working with the wrong upline who is not able to truly help or support you, we are all human and sometimes we make the wrong decision to join and work with the wrong up lines in both My Lead System Pro and primary businesses, believe it or not there are people out there who just want your money and are not willing to help and support you through your struggles and on your journey to success.

So if you have got a upline who is ignoring you, does not answer the phone, reply to emails or help you in any way or form, let me be blunt WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING WITH THEM!!!.

This is another reason for your failure, there is nothing wrong with wanting to work yourself but your upline is there to support you and help you and is a person to lean back on for any support you may feel you need, that is why you are paying them your hard-earned cash.

4 – The quitter disease as I call it, the chances are if you are not getting results with My Lead System Pro or your primary business is you have the quitter disease or the latest shiny object syndrome, what am I on about lol… let me explain.

The reason so many people fail in a lot of things in general not just My Lead System Pro is they never go in full force and stick to and commit unconditionally till they succeed and end up quitting.

Imagine for a second your on a plane heading out to a great tropical resort for a long needed holiday and the plane hits the run way at full speed then just before lifting off slows down because the pilot was not able to have the plane take off at the speed he thought it should have.

The pilot tries over again and does the same again and stops because he was once again not able to take off to the skies at the speed he thought was right, this is exactly what you are doing; you are all excited and go in full force for a day or two then slow down because you don’t get instant results give up and wonder what happened and why you have no results, it’s simple you slowed down, you stopped and ultimately quitted that’s why.

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