MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead GenerationMLM Lead Generation

Want to learn more about MLM Lead Generation and how you can become an mlm lead generation monster? Well if your answer was yes and I bet it was, keep on reading because I will share with you some of the most effective ways I have personally used to become an mlm lead generation monster myself and will even give you the social proof further down the article.

So what’s the big deal hey? Well if you’ve been involved in the network marketing industry for any period of time then you’ve probably realised that joining you network marketing business is just the beginning, what about the customers / clients / visitors / sign-ups and of course the money?

MLM Lead Generation – The Art & Science

MLM lead generation is believe it or not an art and science which you really need to understand in order to truly benefit from it, there are many different methods that you can use and it’s completely up to you if and how you use them, but let me give you a bit of advice from personal experience when you get started.

MLM Lead Generation

Remember I Told You About My “MLM Lead Generation” Social Proof? This Is A Screenshot
Of My Back Office From My Number One Tool I Use To Generate Leads & Recruit People

As you can clearly see in the above screenshot I have generated leads every single month straight and not only that I have at times generated 46, 82 & even 160+ leads, I want to share with you how you can also achieve these types of results if you are willing to learn how that is


MLM Lead Generation – Leads, Sales & Cash

O.K let me ask you one question that I want you to answer honestly, here goes…..would you rather chase leads, nag strangers and cold call or get people to chase you, call you and nag you to join your business opportunity credit card in hand?

So I’m going to assume you would love it if you had leads chasing you to join your business and nagging you to work with you, wouldn’t that be like so cool right?

Well my actual strategy which I am about to share with you right now will allow you to do exactly that, I’m even going to show you the exact tool which I personally use that allows me to be the lead generation monster I am.

First of all I’m going to assume you are one of 97% who is struggling with mlm lead generation or recruiting people into their primary business opportunity or even both, the second thing I’m going to assume is you are doing the whole sales man pitch and sell thing whether it be online or offline.

By that I mean your trying to sell the product that your business opportunity provides you, directly to cold leads and strangers who you met for the first time, called out of the blue because you have purchased leads from a lead broker or obtained lead information in some other way but generate your own.

Also if you are doing any of the above then you’ve probably already tried to recruit your close friends and family members with no luck at all. Right?

MLM Lead Generation – Lead With Value

MLM Lead Generation By Branding & Leading With Value

Ever been to a live MLM Event or heard top leaders (I mean the real deal top leaders not the people who talk the talk yet never really walk the walk) train and teach to lead with value when in the process of mlm lead generation and recruiting for your network marketing business?

So this is how I generated my first 160 leads in under a month…Pay attention; I lead with value just like the real deal top leaders tell you to do. In the tool I use I have 18 different FREE to use mlm lead generation specific targeted highly converting lead capture pages which I basically gave away for FREE to other people who needed the help specific to the 18 different campaigns for their contact information.

MLSP System Campaigns

My MLM Lead Generation Tools 18 FREE System Campaigns To Give Away For FREE

Leading with value not only was I able to generate a ton of FREE targeted leads but also able to brand myself as a leader and authority figure in the process by providing FREE training to those who needed it.

MLSP System Campaign ExampleThis is a screenshot of one of 18 different system campaigns available for FREE

So there you have it my secret which even you can use yourself to get your mlm lead generation right and consistently generate a minimum of 10 leads in a week with minimal efforts and as much as 200 a month and over if you just put effort and hard work into it.


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