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visalus scamShocking visalus scam exposed!

So is visalus scam of the month? With so many network marketing companies out their with bad names and reputations it’s a wonder you are looking up the term “Visalus Scam”. Every day a new network marketing company is born and (unfortunately) dies.

The first thing obviously before joining a new company is to do a little research and find out what the company is all about and weather on this occasion Visalus Scam is a reality or a legit company.

In the below few paragraphs we’ll get down and dirty, with a short review cover a little company background, products and compensation plan then you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you and whether you’ll succeed or be part of the Visalus Scam.

Visalus scam exposed Really?

ViSalus Scam Or A Great Company

We’ll unless you’ve been on another planet or under a rock then you’ve probably heard the buzz on all the social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc…) about the Vasalus opportunity which is still growing rapidly now alot of people out there have the misconception that every mlm / network marketing company is dodgy hence the reason your probably thinking “Visalus Scam”.

Did you know the name ViSalus actually means something and is not just a cool name? Yeh it’s true in Latin term “Vi, “means life, and “Salus,” means both prosperity and health, seems like an ideal name don’t you think?

Visalus was initially established in Troy, Michigan by the name of “The Free Network” but in 2004 they changed their name to the now Visalus Sciences

Visalus has experienced top leaders and producers from other direct sales companies such as Herbalife, Amway, & Mary Kay and they don’t fail to mention it.

In the first three years Visalus has shot up by 1,200% and has now become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States with CEO Ryan Blair.

Visalus has been featured on MSNBC as well as many publications like The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and Business Week to name just a few.

Visalus Scam or Great Products?

O.K like alot of network marketing companies out their, Visalus has it’s range of products it markets and distributes to it’s reps, nutritional, weight management and performance products to be precise which include :-

  • ViSalus Neuro
  • Trim Slim Shape
  • Energy Supplements
  • Vi-Pack Anti-Aging
Have you heard of the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge? Like so many weight management companies and products they draw attention to their line of products with before and after pictures, you know like the ones on TV you see, as well as some actual testimonials from people who have successfully undergone the challenge, now weather these are real or not I can’t tell you although I have personally seen some great transformations from some people I personally know so decide Visalus Scam or not?

Visalus Scam

Another ViSalus Scam Or Great Comp Plan?

Their are three options available to become a Visalus distributor as listed below :-

The Basic Visalus Distributor Package – $49
Access to wholesale pricing only.

The Executive Success Visalus Distributor Package – $499
Get’s you access to all of the compensation and bonuses associated with the ViSalus compensation plan.

Their is also another $999 package which is basically the $499 package but also includes thirty Sample Packs which you can provide any potential prospects to give them a taster.

ViSalus offers a uni level pay plan which basically provides reps a number of different ways to earn commissions.

Advancement Bonuses
Residual Income on Re-Orders
BMW Car Programme
Immediate Income On New Sales

Like any other respectable network marketing company ViSalus offers a 30 day free subscription to it’s Pro Marketing System (Vi-Net) after the 30 days free trial it costs $24 per month.

ViSalus offers six ranks you can possibly achieve as you move through the compensation plan, the higher you rank the more money you can make.

So, are we dealing with a ViSalus Scam?

After a thorough review and personal check up what do you think, are we dealing with a ViSalus Scam?

I personally can say that it is a legitimate business opportunity with alot of scope for achieving high success. ViSalus has proven to be a well established company with top-level management and a great range of products as well as a very rewarding compensation plan.  However in order to be successful you need to be able to generate enough high quality targeted leads for your business.

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Visalus Scam - Generate More Leads For Your Visalus Business

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