My Lead System Pro Review (MLSP)

My Lead System Pro ReviewMy Lead System Pro Review

A thorough and detailed my lead system pro review to answer all those nagging questions like “how much does my lead system pro cost?, does my lead system pro work? or probably the one that got you searching big ‘G (Google)’ to this my lead system pro review in the first place, is there any truth to the my lead system pro scam allegations?

If you’ve been involved in the network marketing / multi level marketing industry for any length of time then you’ve probably realised it’s not as easy as you thought to recruit new reps so you can make the big bucks like all those awesome top producers you read about all the time.

 Yup that’s me working with Diane Hochman at the first ever U.K MLM Summit!

With the growing popularity of my lead system pro you’ve probably come across this my lead system pro review after reading about all the success stories and positive feedback the system has received, not to mention all the top leaders it has produced in the short time it has been on the scene.

Why am I doing this My Lead System Pro Review

Well first of all, when I got started in the network marketing industry I struggled to make any money or recruit any reps into my business and just like you started looking for a solution to my network marketing demons, I didn’t have much support or an upline to lean back on who could provide me a step by step action plan on what to actually do and was constantly told to pitch my business opportunity and be a glorified sales man, a bit like you are probably doing now.

So the sole purpose of this My Lead System Pro Review is to provide you an honest unbiased review to help you make a decision whether getting access to the system and the same tools and solutions that basically helped me from being one of the 97% who almost threw in the towel and gave up to earning my very first $1k online in a matter of months.

My Lead System Pro Review

So you have heard about the My Lead System Pro buzz and are looking for an honest My Lead System Pro Review from someone who has used the system and can explain more about the system and what it can offer you. Maybe someone mentioned it to you and even asked you to join the system, so you are doing your own research to see exactly what MLSP is and why you should be even looking to join the system.

I have done this My Lead System Pro Review to show you exactly what it is, how you can use it and to answer any other nagging questions you may have so you can make an informed decision as to whether My Lead System Pro is for you or not.

I will try to keep this My Lead System Pro Review as short as possible but to be honest their is so much value to cover in this My Lead System Pro Review I could probably go one for ever, so anyway enough with the talk.

My Lead System Pro Review – What is MLSP?

My Lead System Pro is an all in one attraction marketing training platform and sales funnel which allows the end-user to generate their OWN laser targeted leads, funnel them through an in built sales funnel and earn commissions even through people who don’t join their primary business opportunity, how cool is that.

You have probably read another My Lead System Pro Review somewhere, but did it mention all the benefits such as My Lead System Pro has a huge archive of training material at your disposal to use to learn all the tricks of the trade that every top leader out there is currently using to earn the huge pay checks they are, all trainings within My Lead System Pro are live recordings from weekly Wednesday webinars exclusive to members and done by guest industry leaders such as Todd Falcone, Mike Dillard, Ola & Shola (The MLM Brothers), David Wood (The Number One Recruiter Online) so these people know what they are doing and they spill the beans every week for you guys so you can learn things your current upline does not even know.

My Lead System Pro Review – The Company

My Lead System Pro was co-founded and formed by three at one time struggling entrepreneurs Brian Finale, Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer with the intention of providing help via a platform which will enable newbies to plug into the system and training offered and learn what they need to from top producers without all the information over-load of junk out their.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

Todd, Brian & Norbert – MLSP Co-Founders

My Lead System Pro was formed back in 2008 and now consists of more than 6,000 plus members who each and every month pay their subscription fees for all the value and training the system provides.

MLSP has made leaders of many struggling network marketers from all around the world, people like you and me who always wanted financial security but never really figured out the whole MLM industry or how to do things right, hey I’m one of them I myself had struggled for three years before My Lead System Pro came to my rescue and I am glad it did.

My Lead System Pro Review – Who’s It For?

This My Lead System Pro Review should help you understand exactly who should be using MLSP, so let me say that My Lead System Pro is for anyone who wants to learn / further their knowledge and are involved in the network marketing industry or affiliate marketing industry especially if you are new and getting started or been part of our wonderful industry and not really achieved any success or struggling, with all the tools and leadership / training provided you are sure to find the correct path to success.

Why not give the RISK FREE trial a go and see for yourself, you’ll have my support.

My Lead System Pro Review – The Benefits

Their are as I mentioned a number of benefits to using My Lead System Pro, I have listed some of many below that will really help you get started and seeing some results providing you take massive action and don’t get lazy.

My Lead System Pro Review (Marketing & Lead Generation)

As mentioned in this My Lead System Pro Review, MLSP is a system based completely on the concept of attraction marketing within the system you are taught how to market more effectively using attraction marketing to ultimately generate targeted leads for your target audience which are struggling network marketers and keep them in your downline and build a business not just a downline.

One of the best things about MLSP (My Lead System Pro) has got to be how easy it is to get started with generating leads using the 18 in-built highly converting sales pages (capture/squeeze pages), if you have never generated a lead before or have generated very few leads then you are sure in for a surprise when you start using the lead capture pages the system provides.

I generated over 100+ lead in one month and also been on the MLSP Leader Boards using the in build capture pages as you can see in the video above, and I can show you how to do the same all using this exact same system.

My Lead System Pro Lead GenerationMy Lead System Pro Leader BoardMLSP Leads

Now if you are a bit more of a techie and want to get more advanced you are even given the option to create your own custom capture pages built within the system also, and you can customise the text, images, and videos to suit yourself allowing you to brand your system to your individual needs so you become the person with the system and brand yourself as a leader whilst doing so.

My Lead System Pro & The Sales Funnel

Hey wait what about the awesome sales funnel that I should tell you about in this My Lead System Pro Review, Check it out the sales funnel is a great way to brand yourself as a leader as well as generate targeted leads and earn commissions from people who don’t even join your primary business opportunity or quit the system because they don’t have what it takes to work for their success, we have all met those people and I hope you are not one of them.

My Lead System Pro Sales Funnel

As you can see in the MLSP Sales Funnel Diagram above which explains exactly the order in which the system works to be able to help you become successful as a network marketer and fire your boss once and for all.

You market to generate leads by sending them to your capture pages, your built-in auto-responders kicks in (which are also customisable with AWeber) to follow-up and autopilot your leads, you then follow-up and build rapport and trust and finally you can get them to become part of your MLSP System and help them do the same whilst earning commissions for doing so only after this you can get someone to join your primary business, because you should have now become liked, trusted and a person you new prospect can look up to, in fact the chances are they will ask you to join you themselves. I get it all the time don’t believe me check the screen shot’s below :-

MLSP Lead JoinMLSP Lead Join

I have blurred out any information which can I.D my friends for privacy purposes, but you can clearly see the attraction marketing concept truly does work,  and people do become the chased instead of the ones chasing their leads.

My Lead System Pro Review – Affiliate Programmes

MLSP has 30 different inbuilt affiliate programmes, from Tribe Pro, Aweber, Go Daddy, to Mike Dillard and more, plus MLSP also offer you an affiliate programme of their own which you can make a commission off too for every person who join your MLSP team through you.

What Does My Lead System Pro Cost / Commissions

It all comes down the commissions doesn’t it? of course it does. we’ll you be glad to know you get a very good commission from all 30 affiliate programmes built into the system, I won’t go into too much detail as to how much each one pays because they all differ, but just to give you an idea Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring pays you $20 for each sale, and that is an average commission as far as commissions from the 29 affiliate programmes excluding My Lead System Pro itself is concerned.

My Lead System Pro itself will pay you in different bands, which I will cover below as they have different leadership levels.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) – L0

As a starter at L0 you will earn $3.00 for each trial membership and they all start as a RISK FREE trial which costs $9.97 and is fully refundable so for example if you decided to join right this second by clicking this LINK you would become a RISK FREE member for two weeks with full access and no restrictions with the peace of mind of knowing you can get your money back if not happy, then if you become a full gold member your commission will be $15.00 per each person in your team on residual meaning every single month, excellent right? Oh you also get to keep the $3.00 for the trial even if your recruit leaves and they do at times which is normal we all have quitters on our teams.

As you progress through the ranks you get loads of bonuses and commissions also go up by percentage as well as gifts such as luxury cars and iPads and loads more.

So the RISK FREE Trial costs – $9.97 for two weeks & the full Gold Membership costs $49.97 per month which is not much considering how much you can learn and earn from this amazing system.

My Lead System Pro is Endorsed by the very Top Producers and these are some of the things they had to say about the recent even Live The Dream which MLSP hold every year.

No suggestions, you guys killed it! – Mike Dillard

I do lots of events…and I mean LOTS…and let me say this…FIRST CLASS.  FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY. – Todd Falcone

You guys put together and pulled off a Top Notch event.  It was certainly First Class.  Relevant and Impactful.  – Jerry Clark

…this event was by far LIFE CHANGING for so many.  Bravo MLSP! – Tracey Walker

I’m totally honoured to be in the company of an emerging empire.  – Nicole S. Cooper

Been failing miserably since you got into network marketing want to give MLSP a go just click the link below.

I hope this My Lead System Pro Review has helped you better understand exactly what My Lead System Pro is and how it can help you transform your network marketing business for the better.


What have you got to lose?

Attraction Marketing System

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