Herbalife Reviews & The Herbalife Scam

Herbalife ReviewsLooking for Honest Herbalife Reviews?

Right so your obviously doing your research and looking around into “Herbalife Reviews” and I’m going to assume it’s because either you’re in the MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Home Business industry or you are just looking to lose that extra unwanted body weight and get fit.

Well, the goal of my small but detailed blog post is to share with you in more detail what other Herbalife Reviews may have failed to share with you, I will go over the network marketing side of things and the Herbalife product and help you make a well-informed decision as to whether Herbalife’s products or mlm business opportunity is right for you.

Herbalife Reviews & More About The Company

O.K so you probably already know this but Herbalife is a health and wellness company and their primary products are supplements which help you lose and maintain weight and stay fit, Herbalife distributes vitamins, weight loss products, pre-packed meals, herbs, protein bars and protein shake mixes.

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Herbalife was founded back in 1980 by Mark Hughes and is a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘HLF’, the company has grown to a whopping $3.5 billion in net annual sales and is active in 76 countries worldwide, with around 2 million independent distributors world-wide the company is a very reputable well established company so if you are thinking Herbalife Scam think twice.

The company uses the multi-level-marketing model (MLM) which basically means they have distributors who buy from them to sell on to customers and recruit other reps who do the same in exchange for some great commissions and payplan advantages.

Herbalife Reviews and the Pyramid Scheme Herbalife Scam

Right I know I have already mentioned about how the “Herbalife Scam” allegations are far from the truth and the company is a very well know and reputable company, but I’m going to assume that you have probably ran into blog posts, articles, and information taking shots at the so-called “Herbalife Scam” whilst searching for Herbalife Reviews and are wondering how true those truly are, well let me share with you a small picture that I created to post up on my Facebook wall to share with my friends (p.s connect with me on Facebook) on how so many people get caught up in the so-called pyramid scheme scam stuff they end up hurting their business and ultimately quitting and blaming the company for their failures.

Herbalife Scam

Herbalife Reviews & Why So Many People Fail at MLM

So as you have read above Herbalife is really a great company with a product which is very much in demand, so you may be asking yourself now if that really is the case why can’t I sell my products and actually make the MLM / Network Marketing side of my business opportunity work for me and why is it I struggle to generate any leads or recruit any reps who can help build my business and give me financial success.

The simple answer to this question is, you really have not been shown how to truly build a network marketing business correctly and basically been told here is the product go sell it, am I not right?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple, have you heard the saying people love to buy but hate to be sold to? Well that’s the case with your Herbalife business among the many millions of other network marketing companies out there, and the number one reason so many distributors fail at generating leads, recruiting reps and ultimately end up quitting blaming the company.

Let me ask you a few questions here about your search for Herbalife Reviews

So whilst searching for honest Herbalife Reviews did anyone tell you how to generate leads for your business, did any of those Herbalife Reviews point you into the right direction as to how to build your network marketing business properly, when you joined your business did your upline contact you and actually show you how to get started step by step? Probably not right?

So like I said earlier I was going to share with you something that other Herbalife Reviews have not shared with you, I personally use a tool which helps me generate more leads then I can handle and teaches me and my team how to recruit fresh new reps into my network marketing business, and best of all I earn money even if people say no to my primary company (How cool is that), if you’d like to take a sneak peek at that tool CLICK HERE NOW!

Otherwise your honestly probably going to keep struggling and not truly understand the power of education and a support system to lean back on when you need it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on Herbalife Reviews, and make the right decision and this post has helped you make that decision.

Herbalife Reviews - Generate More Leads, Sign Up More Reps, and Get More Cashflow

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