Learn How To Get To Top Of Google Search

Learn how to get to top of Google search

What every business and every network marketer wants is to learn exactly how to get to top of Google search preferably be found on the first one or two pages on the non paid organic search.

Getting on Page one of Google will get you a whole bunch of traffic and potentially change the outlook of your business and sales.

So I will run you by with what’s working for me and exactly how to duplicate my strategy and learn how to get to top of Google Search yourself, after all networking is all about duplication and team work.

So here goes a technique I personally use which will essentially teach you how to get to top of Google search on the first two pages at least if done correctly.

You will need to do some basic seo (search engine optimization) such as entering the main three meta tags, which are of course your :-

Title Tag
Description Tag
Keywords Tag

Make sure you include your keyword at least once in each of these tags and remember not to over do it.

This article’s tags look something like this :-

Title – Learn How To Get To Top Of Google Search
Description – Teach yourself how to get to top of Google search and get tons of traffic and increase your lead generation & get sign ups into your primary business.
Keywords – how to get top top of google search, get ranked on google, google seo, search engine optimization

Two most critical things on how to get to top of Google search

Keyword rich naturally written content with your keyword spread throughout the page around 5 – 10 times remembering not to over do it or Google may penalise your page and remember concentrate on one keyword or two at the most, make sure to use special tags such as bold, underline, italics, and the header tags




Backlinks are the most important part of how to get to top of Google search, once you have optimised with the correct keyword seo, you need incoming links otherwise known as backlinks, think of backlinks as a vote for your site basically saying your content is valuable and should be ranked a little more higher, so the more backlinks the better.

So how do you get backlinks, post your consent on high ranked authority sites such as ezines, and use social bookmarking, I personally use onlywire to automate this process to over 35 social bookmarking sites, which in turn gets me around 35 – 40 backlinks from social networking sites, and I also do video marketing on occasions so this is a technique I use myself; I pop a link in my videos on youtube as well as in forums.

So put your links without spamming onto authority sites.

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