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Generate Your Own LeadsHow To Generate Your Own Leads

Want to Generate Your Own Leads? Well you certainly are heading in the right direction looking for ways to generate your own leads instead of just going and buying the waste of money depleted generic biz-op leads that everyone else does.

So let me first of all give you a run down as to why you should be looking to generate your own leads as opposed to going and buying them, then I’ll introduce you to a tool and a method which can help you and teach you how to generate your own leads.

Why Generate Your Own Leads?

O.K so there are a number of benefits and tip-top reasons as to why you would want to, and why you really should generate your own leads rather than buy them from a leads broker, it really does not matter what those leads are for whether they are network marketing leads, internet marketing leads, real estate leads or for something else all together.

Some Reasons You Should Generate Your Own Leads

My number one reason why you should generate your own leads is that they are yours and are in your list for as long as they choose to be or as long as you choose they should remain their, and as always your list is your biggest investment when it comes to building a network marketing business.

The great thing about you generating your own leads opposed to buying them from other people is if you do it right those leads will know who you are and how you can help them when you get round to making contact and prospecting them, there is nothing worse than calling up a lead who has no idea who you are and what you’re doing with their personal details, that alone was a good enough reason for me to start to generate my own leads and is probably one of the reasons you are looking for a way to generate your own leads too.

Attraction Marketing System

Plus another really good reason to generate your own leads is because you can really target who you want to contact and have on your list, for example if you go and purchase generic biz op leads what you get in those huge lists of exaggerated large number of thousands of leads are a bunch of people who are looking for the “get rich quick” way (really is no way honestly, so if you are one of them…seriously get real, this is going to take time and hard work), people who are giving out fake phone numbers and dodgy email addresses with really no way of getting hold of these people so forget about ever actually getting hold of them, oh and if you are lucky enough to get hold of some they are most likely going to give you a mouth full over the phone about how angry they are about people calling them up and pitching them all sorts of unrelated junk, don’t sound too nice does it?

These are just a number of reasons as to why you would want to generate your own leads, there are plenty more where they came from…but now let’s dive into a few strategic methods of how to generate your own leads.

How To Generate Your Own Leads Using Social Media

Social media has taken over as one of the top methods to generate your own leads, and the best thing is you have plenty of social media sites to choose from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the new Google+ and Pinterest are among the top social media sites you can get going on, although my personal preference is using Facebook.

So why Facebook? Simple with over 800 million active users it’s virtually a world where you can generate your own leads on demand..simply awesome.

Attraction Marketing System

My No#1 Secret Must Have Tool To Generate Your Own Leads

So this is my number one secret must have tool to “Generate Your Own Leads” recruit reps and earn money even if no one joins your mlm company.

It’s call My Lead System Pro, using this one tool I consistently generate between 20 – 50 leads daily and recruit reps both into the system and my primary business on complete auto-pilot.

So let me show you some glimpses of what you can expect when you get your hands on this major tool to helping you generate your own leads.

Generate Your Own Leads Using MLSP“This above is an actual screenshot from my MLSP back office showing leads I have generated”

How To Generate Your Own Leads With MLSP

“This is a screenshot of my Windows Mail Inbox, just showing my daily leads.. how awesome”

So anyway coming back to you learning how to generate your own leads it’s a simple matter of learning how to do that, and I’m basically giving you the solution in the MLSP.

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