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Generate MLM Leads5 Quick Ways To Generate MLM Leads NOW

So the chances are you’re probably involved in the direct sales / mlm / network marketing industry and are in search for ways in which you can generate mlm leads and build your mlm business as effectively and as fast as possible.

Well the good news is you have landed on the right page, on this page I will show you five different methods you can use to generate mlm leads for your business, some are free and some are paid, some require more work than others and some will give you instant results where as some will take more time but give you better quality results in the long-term.

So let’s get going and briefly run over just five of many ways on how to generate mlm leads online.

How To Generate MLM Leads Online & Build Your MLM Business

O.K so before I begin I just want to show you some of my own results so you don’t think I’m just another of those people who writes awesome articles and blog posts about how to do things and how easy they are yet does no have a clue himself how to right…it’s only fair.

How To Generate MLM Leads OnlineThis Image Above Shows, Some Of The SEO Rankings I Rank For, Traffic Generation On This Blog & Of Course My Personal MLM Lead Generation Chart Right At The Bottom.




So now that you have seen some of the results I have achieved and can show you how to achieve yourself, let me show you some of these simple strategies you can use to generate mlm leads.

Generate MLM Leads Using #1 – Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest rising methods that us network marketers use to generate mlm leads and do it on demand, why because we have got potentially an endless stream of people to talk to and recruit.

So what is social media? Social media are websites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, YouTube, Google+ just to name some of the top dogs in the arena, it’s basically a way to interact with other people all over the world.

I personally use Facebook all the time to generate mlm leads and love the fact you really don’t have to move out of the chair to find these people who are basically looking for you online and all you need to do is get yourself in front of them and you have instantly begun generating quality mlm leads right from the comfort of your own home.

Facebook Marketing

Generate MLM Leads Using #2 – Pay-Per-Click

Another really well-known method is to use Pay-Per-Click which basically means exactly what it says, you pay per each click a certain amount of money so you can generate mlm leads once again on demand and you are in complete control as to how much you spend.

This method is one of the fastest and most effective ways to start to generate mlm leads instantly, and is a method I have personally used in the past and still do every now and then.

How You Can Generate MLM Leads Using PPCThe above is a screenshot of four of my very own campaigns using Facebook PPC, got tons of leads and sales with those few campaigns so you may want to give it a go yourself to generate mlm leads instantly.

Generate MLM Leads Using #3 – SEO

Ah and now we come to my very own favourite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to generate mlm leads, so let me tell you the goods and bads (well there are no bads, just harder parts to doing this strategy).

Generate MLM Leads Using SEO (Good Points)

When doing seo to generate mlm leads you are basically doing a whole lot of content marketing with the intention of getting your content to rank on big G (Google) and getting FREE organic traffic, leads and sales which is awesome.

It can be done and has been done by many people including myself, in fact you’ve probably found this post whilst searching on Google for “Generate MLM Leads” or “How To Generate MLM Leads“.

It costs you nothing and your content will always remain online forever unless of course you go and remove it, so you could be able to generate mlm leads from stuff you had posted on your blog months and years ago to this very date just like I still do.

SEO is a strategy where you do the work and leave it alone unlike the others I have mentioned above and will mention below where you need to keep working to get results and generate mlm leads on a consistent basis.

Generate MLM Leads Using SEO (Not So Good Points)

To generate mlm leads and get any type of result with SEO you need to be very patient, as it can take time for your pages to climb the ranks to page one positions 1, 2 or 3 which is where all the traffic is but honestly anything on page one is better than on page 2 and more.

You will need to invest in tools to help you with getting ranked higher in the SERPs it’s most certainly not easy to do and does take a lot of hard and consistent work to be able to rank high enough that you can potentially generate mlm leads and a consistent flow of sales and leads.

But all in all, is probably the best strategy to generate mlm leads and do so in the long run without extra work once done.

SEO To Generate MLM Leads by ranking on Google

Generate MLM Leads Using #4 – Article Marketing

Article marketing is yet another do and forget method where you do a whole bunch of content and publish on articles directories like :-

Ezine Articles
Go Articles

and let them drive traffic to your site / page which in turn can generate mlm leads and sales for your business, this is somewhat also beneficial if you decide you want to take the SEO route as article marketing can drive very highly charged link juice to your sites so you can rank higher in the search engines, articles have also been known to rank very high in search engines.

Generate MLM Leads Using #5 – Video Marketing

Another great and effective method to generate mlm leads is by doing a whole lot of video marketing, basically you record a video on a topic and post to all the major video sites like:-

Google Video
Daily Motion

and those will be able to drive you FREE traffic to your sites, pages so you can generate more quality mlm leads for FREE.

I have personally done lots of Video Marketing and still do as it is one of the best ways to generate mlm leads which are both targeted and know your brand when they decide to opt into what ever you are offering and become one of your very high quality mlm leads.

So these are just 5 of my most recommended methods of how to generate mlm leads online and like I said some are free and some are not.

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