What is attraction marketing?

attraction marketingWhat is attraction marketing?

I’m sure if you are a network marketer you must have come across this term at one point or another in fact maybe that is what you were looking for in a search engine right this minute.

So many people I talk to ask me this question what is attraction marketing and what do I have to gain from using this method of marketing from the business pitching that 97% people do currently especially on Facebook and other social networking sites.

What is Attraction Marketing?

First of all what is attraction marketing? Well attraction marketing basically is the idea of making your self attractive through marketing without spamming your business opportunity whilst positioning yourself as a leader and someone who can be trusted, liked and seen as a leader.

Attraction marketing can warm up your leads by allowing you to build trust by connecting with people and building a proper relationship and becoming that person who will be seen as a leader, liked, trusted and someone who others will want to work with, by using this method you will allow others to warm up to you by not being a pain in the @$$.

Do you like it when a new cell phone contract provider calls you pitching you their super cheap deal which will save you $1000’s, hell i can’t wait to put the phone down and sometimes even cut the phone mid conversation, that is exactly how you are marketing right now and the effect you are having on people who you are cold calling and being a constant pain to, you really think these people will want to work with you? Don’t think so!

FACT – Leaders are more successful in this industry then everyone else

If everyone else earns $10,000 per month (if one of the lucky few) a leaders can earn anywhere between $50,000 – $100,000 or more per month.

FACT – Every top leader uses Attraction Marketing (Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Brian Finale +)

So does it not make sense to do the same? Sure you can still pitch your business opportunity and get results but doing so will only sell your products and not build a business which is what your aim should be to do (have a look at my previous post Do you want to sell or recruit?).

I personally would rather build a business like the top leaders instead of becoming a glorified sales man/woman which is what you are probably doing right now.

FACT – Every top leader uses a system & I mean every one (I recommend MLSP)

So how can you learn attraction marketing? It’s quiet simple head over to the number one system on the face of the planet My Lead System Pro which teaches and practices the exact same concept and learn everything every top network marketer knows which you do not.


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