The Keyword is “Social Network”

Social Network Marketing is not about pitching and selling your business opportunities.

Every day i see on social networks like Facebook and twitter crammed full of, people directly pitching their businesses especially newbies who are new to network marketing.

I did this too in the beginning like many other new network marketers but realised after some hard training and studying that posting my ads pitching how great my opportunity is and how better it is than every other will only ruin my credibility and label me as a spammer.

What you need to remember is when it comes to Network Marketing the keyword is SOCIAL NETWORK, if you keep pitching and selling; your potential prospects and leads will run the other way meaning you network will never grow.

You need to genuinely socialise and show interest in what’s going on, people will take interest in what you are doing and start following you and show interest in what you may have to offer them, you will essentially become the solution to their Network Marketing problems.

The below system is what i and thousands of other people just like you have used to train to become successful six & seven figure earners, which you can do to.

Attraction Marketing System

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