The Importance of an Auto Responder

autorespondersSo either you have one or you don’t, if you don’t I highly suggest you get one and I recommend AWeber’s auto responder simply because I use it along millions of others worldwide and can honestly say it’s a must and an awesome tool to have for your marketing.

Plus for a $1 trial what you got to lose right, anyway lets get down to the real reason why you are reading this post. What is the importance of an auto responder in your network marketing business.

What is an auto responder?

An auto responder is a piece of software which automatically does a number of things and is especially useful when you want to build relationships and keep in constant contact with your potential business partners and leads.

What an auto responder does is, it will start up your follow up process for you without any interaction on your behalf, so for example John fills in a form on your site requesting some information, your auto responder can be set up to automatically email back any information you choose to John directly in his inbox instantly or by scheduling it.

Why is an auto responder so important?

For me as a network marketer I get lots of leads and lots of forms filled in with lots of information, plus I am always networking with people with the goal of building a relationship, but remember I am only human and can simply not reply to all those emails and leads I get daily, and that is were my AWeber auto responder comes in, I can set up a number of messages to be sent to all my leads as well as automate my blog posts and broadcast any special events I may have setup and blast them off all in one go to my entire list, look at how much time you can save and use for marketing and spending with your family by having this simple software do all the hard work for you.

You know when you hear people in our industry say, they can automate the entire process of follow ups well this is how they do it, and I highly recommend any serious network marketer have an auto responder set up to simplify things and help you spend your time on more urgent matters like marketing and connecting with people instead of typing and sending out hundred’s of emails separately.

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