Are You Plastering Your Business Opportunity Ads on Facebook

How many ads like this have you seen on Facebook and classified ad sites such as craigslist and backpage ? Loads right you know what they all have in common ? These are the newbies who are advertising their business opportunity in the wrong way.

About 95% people advertise their business opportunities directly, do you know these are the people who are not generating enough leads for their businesses and are the ones struggling to build their network.

People on facebook see the same ads on facebook every other day plastered all over scattered through out the newsfeed which puts people off and they overlook the ads, sure you may get a few clicks and maybe a couple of leads, but these people are the tyre kickers and people looking to make easy quick money.

You do not want to recruit these types of people into your business, WHY ? because they will surely quit come a few weeks down the line meaning you will be back to square one and the cycle goes on.


Imagine for a second, you are at a Michael Jackson concert and their are 1,000.00 people in the same hall as you and you are promoting your business by yelling “Earn $50,000 every week, it’s easy money visit my website – www.easymoney.com” how many people people do you think will contact you about your business, the chances are 90% of the people won’t hear you over all the noise and those who do will think you are just plain nuts trying to scam them?

Now imagine Michael Jackson on stage singing one of his hit songs, he’s not up their yelling “buy the album ???, releasing on 12th June 2010 for only $20.00” he’s up their giving value singing his song for his fans,Β his fans in return automatically want to buy his music because they like the song and are attracted to him, this is an example of Attraction Marketing, make yourself valuable so others will want to listen to you join your team and follow in your footsteps.

This way you will only generate targeted leads and eliminate the tyre kickers and people who waste time, and quit in days and weeks, leaving you searching for more leads, build a fan base like Michael Jackson, who will follow you and want to be a part of your team, build trust and relationships.

Network Marketing is not about one time deals, you will need to be able to help every single of of your sponsors after they have joined your team in succeeding in their goals, be able to lead them and the rest of your team to success every step of the way.

This is your formula to success in network marketing, it’s no secret, it’s kind of like common sense if you look at it.

Master being a leader, give value and watch your popularity grow and your leads go through the roof.

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