Spamming Is Trendy For Recruiting

spamming business opportunitiesSpamming Is Trendy?

At least that’s what lots of people in the network marketing industry think especially if you look on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkdinn, of course I do not endorse spamming and being a pain in the @$$, it goes completely against what I teach and how to market correctly with zero rejection.

Relationship Marketing for alot of people is not important, those are the people you see pitching and advertising there business opportunities on Facebook Walls, Groups & Pages.

Do you think these people actually get sign-ups? Yes of course they do,whether there new signed up reps actually stay with them in the long term though is another story.

If you are doing the below on Facebook or other social networking sites “THINK TWICE” It’s Called Spamming and no one is going to like you, your business, or anything you do.

This is the reason why you recruit none to a minimum reps and those you do recruit quit because what you are really doing is providing empty promises with alot of hype, is what you are doing above duplicable? and will you be able to build a true business and true downline of reps who won’t quit on you because you don’t really have an idea what you are doing or people start to dislike them because they are spamming their walls, pages or groups.

The Correct Way To Recruit More Reps and build a business of professional reps not just a downline!

So the question here is, do you want to be a sales man and recruit more sales people or do you want to be a business man and recruit more business men to help build your business? Those are two different things.

The basic rule which applies to what we call attraction marketing is attract people, the basic rule which applies to what everyone else does (pitching, posting ads, spamming) is called repelling people, so the question here is do you want to repel people or attract people?

So if you can provide helpful and valuable information (free advice, tutorials, video tutorials, marketing information, blog posts etc..) to people they will be attracted to you as a leader and a person they can look to for help.

These are real people with real feelings so you need to treat them like people not like a walking wad of cash which everyone can take a pick at to see who can get money out of them, treat people with respect, become a person they know, like and trust and they will let you into their safe with no objection.

Have a good think about what you are doing and what I just explained, there is not a top earner in the network marketing arena who does not practice attraction marketing. who’s seen people like “Mike Dillard, Deagen Smith, Diane Hochman, Michelle Pescosolido, Cedrick Harris” post ads to their actual business opps? It’s for a reason.


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