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Social Network MarketingSocial Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing has rapidly grown as a means to network marketing success with the whole attraction marketing and branding yourself as a leader concept has come into play in the last few years.

There are many different methods of Social Network Marketing as well as many different social networking sites.  My favourite two for all my Social Network Marketing are Facebook and Twitter although you may have a favourite of your own.

Social Network Marketing

There are a vast number of sites which you can use for your Social Network Marketing and since we are using attraction marketing we want to enable you to brand yourself as a leader and become an authority figure in our industry by providing value and solutions to individuals who may be struggling in their network marketing businesses.

Below are just a few of these top Social Networking sites that I recommend :-

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. MySpace
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Bebo

How does Social Network Marketing Work?

I am going to concentrate on Facebook for the sake of this post as it is my favourite Social Networking Site and lead generation strategy so back to our question how does Social Network Marketing work? Simple really, you join Facebook which is FREE by the way and start interacting with people just like you would normally but remember not to pitch your business opportunity.

So your first to step to building relationships is obviously to send out friend requests, but who do you send them to? Not your family members by the way.

Your Target market is other Network Marketers who are struggling in our industry so you target other network marketers when sending your friend requests no matter what social network site you are using and with 97% struggling out their you have a huge number of people to target.

The next step to our Social Network Marketing is to make a connection with the people we send friend requests to, so don’t just send friend requests and leave it at that; you must try to build a relationship and rapport with your friends ask them questions just like you would when lead prospecting the whole point of us using Social Network Marketing is to be able to build trust with your potential leads so they are more open to want to join you in what ever business opportunity you have when the time is right.

Remember not to be boring and just post about your business and network marketing, these are other people and they like to have fun, post a funny video from YouTube or a photo of you doing something wacky, keep your friends interested in you and what you have to offer and above all provide value in the form of training, video tutorials, strategies, marketing techniques and loads more, and remember to keep active on Facebook as much as possible.

Take for example what I do on Facebook for my Social Network Marketing I post a status update every few hours or as much as possible, I post videos of myself giving tips, strategies and reviews on different marketing techniques as well as the odd wacky video of someone doing something crazy; you know like bloopers and the whole idea is to be interactive and build relationships.

One great thing about using Facebook as your Social Network Marketing site is the PPC option available to you if you have a small budget you can spend around $10 a day and start generating targeted leads right away you can check out my Facebook PPC Video Training in the video section.

What questions can you ask your potential leads then when connecting and building rapport? There are a number of targeted questions you can ask, for example :-

  1. How did you get started in network marketing?
  2. How long have you been involved in network marketing?
  3. What company are you currently with?
  4. Are you generating leads?
  5. How many people have you recruited into your business?

Well you get the idea, all your questions should be about providing some kind of help so your lead can open up to you and truly want to listen to the solutions and help you can provide them.

So in simple Social Network Marketing is all about :-

  • Building Relationships
  • Building Trust / Rapport
  • Branding yourself as a leader

Before you can recruit anyone into your business, otherwise you may manage to recruit someone but they won’t stay with you for long because you never took the time to build the relationship and foundation to keep your downline intact.

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