Word Press SEO Basics To Rank in 72 Hours Or Less

Word Press SEO Basics To Rank On Google

Learn some Word Press SEO (search engine optimization) basics to get ranked in all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Live etc…) within 72 hours or less.

The basics for blog ranking using some simple Word Press SEO plugins and common sense is really not that difficult, ranking on page one however is a completely different story and as you may know page one is where all the traffic is although page 2 is not too bad either.

In no way will I guarantee you will be able to rank on page one for your chosen keyword because that is dependant on a few key factors which I will explain.

O.K these are some of the basics which alot of people tend to miss when blogging and wonder why they are not getting any traffic or getting leads for that matter.

When you have your word press blog installed and ready, people tend to think all you need to do is start posting away, which is true to a certain extent and don’t get me wrong you should post as much as possible and keep your blog interesting but unless you optimise your posts and pages with at least some basic Word Press SEO for search engines your posts will be pretty much meaningless to search engines.

Word Press SEO – Keyword Research

So the first thing to get our Word Press SEO on the way is to do some keyword research for your chosen keyword, so head over the Google and type google keyword tool and click the first result (Keyword ToolGoogle Adwords), then when that page appears in the “Word Of Phrase” field type in your chosen keyword, then on the left hand side uncheck everything else and choose the [EXACT] option so we can get an exact number of global monthly searches for our chosen keyword.

Word Press SEO

Word Press SEO – Plugins You Need

O.K there are a number of Word Press SEO plugins available that you will need to pull of this Word Press SEO Optimization, so head over to your add plugins section by logging into your word press blog and hovering over the plugins link and selecting “Add New”.

Once the page loads search for and install the below plug-ins and activate them both :-

1 – Greg’s High Performance SEO / All In One SEO Pack (either will do).

2 – Vibe SEO Pack.

These are the only two plug-ins you will need to optimize your Word Press Blog for search engine rankings.

Now when you create a new post in your Word Press back office you will have two new drop downs below your post one “Greg’s High Performance SEO” & “Vibe SEO Pack Panel”.

In Greg’s High Performance SEO meta tag fields you want to fill in the details with your chosen keyword or phrase at least once so for example :-

Greg's High Performance SEO

Then you want to fulfil all the criteria in the Vibe SEO Pack Panel and keep your keyword density between 2.5% & 4% no higher and no lower otherwise Google can potentially penalise you for spamming so be careful.

Vibe SEO PackRemember to add all the tags mentioned in the Vide SEO Pack for a good example take a look at this post you are reading I have optimsed this page for Word Press SEO.

Happy SEO’ing.

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