Schedule Facebook Posts / Twitter Posts (HootSuite)

Schedule Facebook PostsWant to know how to schedule facebook posts / twitter posts?

A problem I was facing in my facebook marketing efforts until recently was posting on facebook out of my time zone, just like me allot of you probably have hundreds if no thousands of friends who are sleeping when you are awake and in another time zone, now unless you stay awake 24/7 and post more frequently they will most likely not see your posts.

Schedule Facebook Posts

So how do you get around this little problem, well recently I discovered a cool site which will allow you to schedule Facebook posts as well as schedule twitter posts so you can set up a number of posts which will automatically post out for you at any given time and dates you set.

Excellent tool for us network marketers wouldn’t you say? schedule facebook posts and twitter posts to auto submit as many posts and as many times as you like (remember do not spam) and best of all it’s 100% Free – WOW

Head over to http://www.hootsuite.com/ and register a free account which will allow you to schedule facebook posts as well as schedule twitter posts and more.

This awesome tool is brilliant for posting out birthday greetings for your hundreds and thousands of friends automatically instead of manually doing it, so go and schedule facebook posts to help in your marketing efforts while you sleep.

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