Sales Prospecting Tips For MLM Success

Prospecting TipsSales Prospecting Tips For MLM Success

Marketing effectively to generate leads is great, the next step is prospecting to those leads with the goal to recruiting them into what ever primary network marketing company you are part of after all if you can’t get anyone to join you in your business then lead generation is useless.

Prospecting Tips

Call Your Leads

Common sense you think right? Yeh sure is, but you would be quiet surprised how many people miss one of the most important prospecting tips to mlm success and building a business.

Sure I can understand your nervous and maybe not good on the phone but you really do need to call your leads and make a connection.

Remember you’ll get better the more you practise so call as many leads as possible and why not get yourself a script ready to make things easier.

Ask Lots Of Questions

Remember this is one of the best prospecting tips you should follow when calling every single lead, which is ask lots of questions and don’t interrupt your lead when they answer you, if you just ask and listen to what your prospect has to say they will give you all the answers and advantage you need to provide them the solutions to their problems and close them into your business.

Built Trust & Rapport With Communication

Just talk to your lead like it’s your best friend, and try to provide solutions and help them with what ever problem they may be having, some people find it hard to market, some can’t generate leads and some just have no idea where they are heading with their business, your job is to NOT sell anything but rather provide a solution.

Lead The Conversation

Remember your calling them as the authourity figure, so essentially you should be the one asking questions not the other way round, you want to start off my introducing yourself by name and how you got their details and the purpose of the call, ask them if they are interested in learning more about what you have to offer, if the answer happens to be no then leave them to it and get on your next call, the last thing you want is to waste precious time.

Realise What Your Prospect Wants / Needs or Lacking

Remember listening and asking questions, that leads to you figuring out what they want / need or are lacking to make their business so much better, think of how your product can help them achieve their goals which they are struggling with.

Know that emotions are most often the reasons for impulse decisions to buy something.  You want to capitalize on these emotions by educating them emotionally rather than with facts and figures.

People do not want to buy something right away, they want more information so get their attention by making them curious as to what you could offer them to turn things for the best.

Follow Up

Remember your first call is most likely going to be more of an introduction and building a relationship stage, after you have provided your lead with information be sure to set a time and date for a follow up call within a day or two so you can call them back and answer any questions they may have and hopefully close the person into your business.

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