People Join People (Heard it a million times)

Do not promote your business opportunity, promote yourself, that’s right I just told you not to promote your business.

The basic rule of attraction marketing is, and I know you’ve probably heard it a billion times “people connect with people”.

Most people run the other way as soon as you start your selling pitch.

It is a natural reaction in people to not want to listen to what you are selling, people naturally want value and the asurance that they will have the support from someone who actually cares and knows what they are doing, someone they can turn to when they are in need of help and support.

What you need to do is be that person, people need to know that you are a real person in a position to help and support them.

The chances are by the time a potential prospect finds you they would have already tried many other business opportnities with little or no success and are weary.

Your job is to promote yourself and build trust with your prospect, if you can do this you have a better chance of getting more signups.


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