Network Marketing Success Tips

Network Marketing Success TipsNetwork Marketing Success Tips and Strategies

Are you struggling? need some network marketing success tips and strategies to help you with your new network marketing company, so you can start generating more leads and building that oh so desirable downline of reps.

Of course you do right?

So what I have done here is listed a number of Network Marketing Success Tips to guide and help you understand where you are going wrong and what you can do to build a more profitable business with more reps and more cash flow.

Network Marketing Success Tips – # 1 (Believe In Yourself)

My network marketing success tips start off with the simplest of all, “believe in yourself and don’t be a quitter”, millions of people join the network marketing industry every single day and yes millions quit the network marketing industry every single day, the difference between the two is simple…those who quit don’t have what it takes and those who struggle and prod along till they succeed are the ones who end up being the top leaders, and I ain’t just saying that, I know many who struggled for years and years before they saw any type of success, I myself struggled for 5 plus years before truly understanding this industry enough to make it work for me. So the question here is are you a quitter or succeeder?

Network Marketing Success Tips – # 2 (Brand not Pitch)

My network marketing success tips may come to you as a shock as they are simple enough to understand that you’d feel like whacking yourself over the head at not noticing them and implementing them already, so here goes my network marketing success tips 2, people don’t give a #@$# about your business or how awesome it is (that’s the truth) companies come and go, what people truly care about is who they are working with and whether that person can lead them to the wonderland / treasure.

How many times do you hear the words network marketing, mlm, pyramid, scam thrown around? often right? It’s because the majority of the so-called network marketers are doing things wrong and leaving a bad impression on the person they recruit and fail to help, but also the media is picking up on all the bad feedback from the mlm world hence why network marketing has ended up getting such a bad reputation; Google even went as far as completely banning any type of mlm, network marketers from advertising on their PPC platform known as AdWords (The Google Slap as we call it).

So what you need to do is brand yourself as the go to person, the expert, the man who knows it all and can help the struggler, think of yourself as a specialist medical surgeon that is so well-known that people flock to you to ask for a cure to their problem, that is what you need to become.

You are not a glorified salesman who pitches the latest awesome deals and special offers, who begs people to join his business or buy his products (uh uh) you’re a network marketing monster who helps people who are struggling in the industry achieve their goals and in return people see you as an expert and want to work with you.

With me so far?

Network Marketing Success Tips – # 3 (Targeting)

If I asked you who your target market was would you know the answer? O.K Answer it….you said everyone, right or at least something along those lines.

One of the goals of these network marketing success tips is to make you understand who you should be targeting to work with, not every lead / person / recruit is made equally so let me explain to you your real target market is other struggling network marketers and people who need help to achieve success themselves (remember you have already started to brand yourself as a leader right).

Let me give you a couple of examples and I’m stealing a few lines from Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Ebook (definite recommendation to anyone in the network marketing niche) :-

“You can’t give away, let alone sell, a steak to a vegetarian!”


“Nobody who ever bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes — NOT information about drills!”

Make sense right?

Network Marketing Success Tips – # 4 (Work With Leaders / Mentors)

One thing I have learned is you need to align and surround yourself with other already established top network marketers, this helps you be positive and have the support you need plus you never know how well you may get to know your mentors and leaders and may even get a chance to actually work alongside them and get some free advice, golden nuggets or training that could potentially change the face of your business, so this is my network marketing success tips #4

network marketing success tips - daegan smith and me at an event

Network Marketing Success Tips – # 5 (Use A System)

This is the final and most important of my network marketing success tips and I say this seriously, education is your key to success in this industry, learn everything you can and implement it into your business, use what I call a funded proposal system to help you generate leads on demand, learn from the top marketers and earn residual income even if no one joins your actual primary company.


Network Marketing Success Tips

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