What Is A Multi Level Marketing Business

Multi Level Marketing BusinessMulti Level Marketing Business

Is it the solution to financial freedom or just another scam, what exactly is it?

Welcome to the first of a few part series an introduction to network marketing, learn what exactly a multi level marketing business is all about.

So what exactly is a multi level marketing business? are you wondering what the fuss is all about, mlm, network marketing, internet marketing what ever you want to call it, why are millions of people looking to be part of this industry and why so many are struggling, so many well known people like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump are all up for the latest multi level marketing business craze.

What Is A Multi Level Marketing Business

I’m sure everyone has heard of Avon, well that is multi level marketing business. The simplest way of explaining it would be to say you join an mlm company at a fixed cost to sell products for that company and earn a commission / percentage per sale very similar to affiliate marketing.

Every multi level marketing company has their own respective compensation plan offering you different percentages or fixed amounts per sale as well as extra bonuses such as cars, large sums of cash, silver or gold and lots more. The benefits of a multi level marketing business lies in their residual income and level of earnings.

Unfortunately our wonderful industry has been plagued by the reputation of being a scam by a certain number of a small group who have learnt to steal from unsuspecting honest people looking for ways to earn money online and quit their jobs, let me assure you not every multi level marketing business is a scam and their are genuine multi level marketing companies out their making allot of people rich and providing them the financially secure future that they desire.

Multi Level Marketing Business Com Plan

For example, you join an mlm company, that companies compensation plan pays you $15 per each person who buys their product on a residual basis (forever repeating every single month as long as your with them) which runs 5 levels deep that means you can sponsor new reps upto five levels deep under you and at $15 per person which goes directly into your pocket.

Lets for example say you decide to join a new mlm company which costs you $60 every month; now lets assume Mike join’s you in your new Multi Level Marketing Business which will also cost him $60 every month and the compensation plan pays you $15 per each reps you personally sponsor, when Mike joined you in your mlm business you would have earned $15 in commission for that month, now lets say you also personally recruit Jenny into your Multi Level Marketing Business you will now have earned another $15 per month commission from Jenny so that’s $35 per month you will earn every single month as long as both Mike & Jenny remain in your downline.

Now lets say that companies compensation plan also pays you $5 from each persons that your personaly recruited person also sponsors meaning you’ll not only recieve $15 per your personal referals you’ll also recieve $5 from anyone your personal sponsor recruits.

Example your personally recruited rep Mike personally recruits Lisa he now earns $15 per month for recruiting Lisa but you will also earn $5 from Mike because he recruited Lisa into his downline.

Cool huh.

And all this is residual unlimited income, imagine what your income could be like in a few short months.

Some common words and their meaning

MLM = Multi Level Marketing
Compensation Plan = The Payment Plan Offered By Your MLM Company
Downline = The Depth of you MLM organisation (Can be unlimited)
Personally Sponsored Rep = A person who joins your company directly under you.

Multi Level Marketing

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