MLM Marketing Secrets

mlm marketing secrets10 MLM Marketing Secrets, to sky-rocket your MLM business starting today.

Serious about earning a living online and working from the comfort of your own home?

Serious about taking your network marketing / mlm business to the next level and learning some of the top MLM Marketing Secrets?

Well read on because what I’m about to share with you is nothing short of some of the top secrets in our industry, the chances are you’ve probably realised that building a successful network marketing business is not as easy as approaching random strangers and pitching your business opportunity and getting them on board….right?

MLM Marketing Secrets – What’s The Deal?

So what does it really take to earn that residual income check that you’ve read top earners earn, the $10k, $50k and $100k plus checks that all the big boys of the MLM Industry cash every year, month and even week, want to know? Well keep on reading…

To build a truly successful and thriving MLM business there is much more involved then just pitching and selling, and below I have listed 10 MLM Marketing Secrets to give your mlm business a huge boost should you actually decide to follow them and take serious massive action, there is an art and science to the procedure and how to do these things properly and I have just listed briefly what to do, so will you walk the walk or keep talking the talk?

The 10 MLM Marketing Secrets

MLM Marketing Secrets – #1 – MLM Systems

One of the biggest “MLM Marketing Secrets” and also one of the most neglected ones is using a proper system (Save-Your-Self-Time-Effort-Money) to make your life easier, I personally use a system and so does every top earner and producer I know.

There are a whole bunch of MLM Systems found online and off-line, what system you choose to use is a choice you need to make for yourself, I personally use MLSP and so can only recommend that because I know it works and will indeed help you in your business.

MLM Marketing Secrets #1

So why use a system and specifically the one I personally use and recommend MLSP? simple, a system is there to act somewhat like a personal virtual assistant / coach and provide you the necessary tools, training and guidance to help you better build your network marketing business, and depending on what system you use; you are also able to earn money from the actual system, even if you never actually recruit anyone into your primary business; what ever that may be.

This is known as a funded proposal and I will go into more detail about how these work and what a funded proposal is in MLM Marketing Secrets #6 below; oh and by the way My Lead System Pro is a funded proposal system.


If you are interested in learning more about the system I use then all you need to do is check out the My Lead System Pro Review and jump aboard the team by taking out the 14 day RISK FREE Trial.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #2 – Marketing

A common mistake for newbies and amateurs in the network marketing industry is they are never able to grasp the concept of marketing for leads, sales and self branding.

The two main forms of marketing are FREE and Paid, so let me give a couple of quick examples of paid and FREE forms of marketing :-

PAID – Using Pay Per Click, Solo Ads, Newspaper Ads

FREE – Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

These are just a few examples out of many different methods available to you.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #3 – MLM Leads

Leads, leads, and more leads….leads are the name of the game when it comes to building a thriving network marketing business so that is why MLM Leads is number 3 of my MLM Marketing Secrets for you.

What are leads anyway? O.K the truth is many people join a network marketing business without even knowing or understanding what leads are and why you need them in the first place; so let me explain in simple terms.

Leads in basic terms are your customers, clients or team members that you collect in order to talk to about your MLM business.

MLSP Lead Generation

The amount of times I get on a prospecting call to hear the person on the other side say they don’t need leads or their business does not rely on leads is absolutely crazy….

Every business, MLM or not NEEDS leads and must have a fresh supply of consistent targeted leads, simply your business will not move forward without customers (leads) or clients (leads) to sell your product to.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #4 – Providing Value Not The Pitch

What do the top producers do to be able to generate so many leads and recruit so many reps and in turn earn so much money? Do they go on a pitch-fest every other day and call as many people as possible to get into their business?

Just reading the above paragraph sounds very odd right so can you image yourself actually doing it? You probably are already doing it or have done it in the past, and the chances are it did / does not feel very pleasant approaching complete strangers and basically nagging and annoying them to join your business.

When you start providing value and stop pitching people will start
approaching you instead of you nagging them

So let me explain the concept of attraction marketing and why providing value and not the pitch works so much better than going on a pitch fest and annoying strangers.

When you lead with value instead of pitching someone you can build a more stable relationship to actually eventually get to a stage where you can ask your prospect / lead to join your primary business, it’s the process of turning a cold lead into a warm or even a hot lead via building a relationship and turning your lead into a friend, Facebook is great for this type of thing so that’s going to be the very next of my 10 MLM Marketing Secrets.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #5 – Relationships

So let me ask you a question, if given the chance who would you prefer to go and buy something from? A well-known friend or a complete stranger who you’ve never met or heard of?

I know I’d much rather buy from a trusted source than any old stranger who I’ve never met before, and that is exactly why in MLM Marketing Secrets #5 we are discussing building relationships with your leads or prospects so they are so much more open to the idea of buying from you when given the choice to buy.

I as well as all the top network marketers spend a lot of time e-marketing and calling our leads and putting MLM Marketing Secrets #5 into action and building a relationship with our leads so they can feel like they are buying from a trusted person who actually knows what they are doing and they are not going to get scammed.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #6 – The Funded Proposal

As mentioned in MLM Marketing Secrets #1 I will explain more about the funded proposal now. So when you have a funded proposal in your system you are basically using a method to even your over heads when building your primary business opportunity so for example.

In My Lead System Pro we have a funded proposal where you have over 18 different streams of income other than your primary business which you can earn a commission from even if no one ever joins your business.

For example if I recruit John into MLSP so he can learn more about how to generate leads or recruit more reps, he may like one of the products within the system and decide to purchase it and if he does you earn a good commission for him doing that through your MLSP link.

That basically is a funded proposal

MLM Marketing Secrets – #7 – Your List Is Your Freedom

So many people spend time building their primary they forget to actually concentrate on building a list for long-term financial freedom, this is what the big boys and gals in out industry do for the long-term success and residual income, they build lists.

That’s why generating targeted leads as mentioned in MLM Marketing Secrets #3 is so important, if you can compile a list of people who know, like and trust you; you can pretty much get them to buy anything from you whenever you like….Now that’s financial freedom.

The more in your list the better it is, my good friend Daegan Smith has lists of thousands of people and he earns anywhere between $90 – $100k+ from that list by using e-marketing.


Watch this video of Attraction Marketing Queen Diane Hochman tell you
how important it truly is to build a list of people who know like and trust you.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #8 – Daily Action Plan

Ever heard the saying “Failing to plan is planing to fail”? a lot of people spend endless hours doing this that and the other which is fine but what you must realise is it’s not so much about what you do but more about what you do daily.

Think of the compounding effect the more you do the more results you will get, and that is one thing people don’t get when working their business, they put in a one time effort and that’s it for a week.

Create yourself a basic and simple daily plan of action and follow that step by step without failure daily.

That’s what I do, Diane Hochman, Ray Higdon, Jordan Schultz and many other top leaders do, it’s the factor that determines your success from your failure. Try this seriously.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #9 – Consistency

Consistency is the key to your success, as mentioned in MLM Marketing Secrets #8 above a daily plan of action is a must but consistency is just as important.

No point in you having a daily plan of action that you follow weekly, monthly or when you feel like it, you must be consistent and build up that compounding effect with the more you do the more results you will achieve.

No matter what method of marketing you are using to generate leads or build your business the more you do the more you get back.

If you do one blog post ever 2 days double it and you’ll double your results.

MLM Marketing Secrets – #10 – The 4 C’s

The 4C’s I learned from my mentor and great friend Diane Hochman, every MLM business goes through the 4C’s which are Collect, Capture, Communicate & Close.

MLM Marketing Secrets #10

Collect – Collect People Into Your Capture Pages
Capture – Capture There Details
Communicate – Communicate, Build Relationships and Rapport
Close – Close The Sale / Into MLSP / Primary Business

These are your guidelines to follow when building your business online or off-line.

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