MLM Lead Generation

mlm lead generationMLM Lead Generation? Are you as confused as I was when I got started in network marketing in 2005 (almost seven years, WOW).

MLM Lead Generation for a network marketer is priority especially if you are new and not really been able to brand yourself yet, it is one of the top two stepping stones to network marketing success.

Without leads your mlm business will seem to either grow very slowly or not grow at all so it is imperative you understand the art of MLM Lead Generation and implement what you learn and how to do it correctly.

MLM Lead Generation Explained

Firstly what exactly is a lead? now I know alot of you know what a lead is but their are some of us out their who are just stepping into this huge industry of network marketing and would love an explanation so this is for you guys, for everyone else you can go ahead and pop back on Facebook for a sec and do your thing.

MLM Lead Generation and what in the world a lead is, well a lead is basically in simplest terms a person who you can talk to about what ever network marketing business you are in (Amway, Herbalife, Numis Network etc…) now a lead can be technically be you mum, dad, brother, sister, your next door neighbour or even the local super market manager so it can pretty much be anyone.

So what’s the confusing and so darn difficult about MLM Lead Generation well lead generation in itself does not have to be difficult at first especially with the majority of people joining the this industry as they are all told to chase their warm market (friends & family members and people who trust you) which is fine, but you are faced with two major problems using this method of MLM Lead Generation :-

1. What do you do when you run out of friends and family members who trust you enough to join you?
2. These leads are not targeted enough to join and stick around.

MLM Lead Generation That Makes Sense

So you ask their has to be a better way to get started with your MLM Lead Generation? Well yes their is and it all involved allot of hard work (contrary to the myth, mlm is easy as a walk in the park).

Firstly you need to grasp the concept of attraction marketing, you can read up on it in earlier posts which will explain all about what attraction marketing is and how it can help you with your MLM Lead Generation.

You need to be able to generate your own laser targeted leads using a perpetual marketing funnel also known as a system (I recommend MLSP – My Lead System Pro) which will allow you to brand yourself and generate leads which are :-

1. Already open the the idea of MLM (No more explaining, or answering weird questions; you know like “is this a pyramid scheme” etc..)
2. More serious about the industry and already have an idea what it takes to work it
3. 95% ready to join providing you prospect and close correctly (you’ll learn all this in MLSP)

Their are a lot of benefit to doing your own MLM Lead Generation instead of just buying leads which are either sucked dry by other people who have also called them.

Remember you need to learn to market, so you can generate leads, then prospect to them and finally close them into what ever business you are in, those are the four steps to success.


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