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MLM ClueMLM Clue – Clueless about MLM?

Clueless about the network marketing industry, seriously have no idea how to get started or what to do, have not been able to generate any leads sponsor a team member to build your downline / team so you can start earning some residual income?

Let me guess you’ve already asked your Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle and other family members and they think your off your rocker? Don’t worry that’s normal I went through it myself so don’t get all worked up about it, it’s just normal when you approach people and get rejected by people who are not targeted to your business.

So anyhow today I will give-away one MLM Clue which if you understand will absolutely change the direction of your business and help you succeed in any network marketing company / business and it’s an easy one at that.

STOP Searching For That MLM Clue!

O.K so first of all stop searching for that MLM Clue you’ve been looking for because I’m going to explain to you exactly what your doing wrong and how you can start getting results starting today should you choose to.

First of all did you know that 97% people in our industry fail and only 3% actually succeed, you know what the difference between the two is? The 3% who succeed don’t quit / give up / throw in the towel, work hard and realise that this industry is not about the so called get rich quick schemes or expecting over night miracles.

They work hard stay dedicated and work even harder till they can see the results they want, that believe it or not is exactly how those people you read about who are millionaire’s who are earning 5 / 6 / 7 & even eight figures a year are doing it, people like my good friends Diane Hochman, Brian Fanale, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore, Daegan Smith, Michelle Pescosolido (all these people are at least 6 Figure earners if not more a year) but they didn’t achieve that in a week, month or even a year.

MLM Clue

So if you are one of those people who wants instant success pinch yourself and wake up from wonderland because that’s not reality and not how our industry works.

STOP Struggling To Find That One MLM Clue To Help You Truely Succeed In Your Network Marketing Business NOW!

O.K so time for that MLM Clue I promised, in fact let me give you another MLM Clue as a bonus that will help you right this minute if you don’t hesitate and actually do something about the way things are for you and show how badly you want to succeed.

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MLM Clue 1

Target other network marketers instead of people who have no clue about network marketing, people already involved in our industry are far more susceptible to the idea of making money online or building their own business because they have already experienced it, maybe even made a little money but not enough and if you are lucky enough you may just find a leader who can propel your business with little effort on your part; hey beats trying to explain to a complete stranger who doesn’t have an MLM Clue of how things work in our industry, what MLM is, what a compensation plan is, how they get paid etc right, spend your precious time on things which work rather then on things which need more explaining then necessary.

MLM Clue 2

Stop nagging people and start building relationships, seriously the number one thing you are probably doing wrong is scaring people off by chasing them to join your business it’s kinda like “Hey wanna another bill on top of your other problems?”, so how in the world do you sign people up without approaching them you ask, easy approach but without that sales pitch try helping them instead for example instead of pitching your business ask them if they are doing well with their work/business and maybe you can help them, build that relationship to a stage where they can learn to know, like and trust you to an extent where you basically openly ask them if they’d be interested in working on your project and you may not need to even do that they may just ask you instead. How cool would that be hey if you could make yourself so attractive that people would want to work with you.

“Master ONE skill and the WHOLE world will seek you”

This is called attraction marketing

If you are serious I recommend you go purchase and read this book which is mandetory for every team member I have in my team to read, because it’s an eye opener and will really help you understand the power of attraction marketing and getting people to chase you to join your business instead of you chasing them and scaring them off – “Think running at a flock of birds, what do they do when you run at them, they fly away what do they do when you walk towards them calmly they are more calm”


So their you go as I promised an MLM Clue plus one to get you started on the right track!

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