Marketing On Facebook (10 Expert Tips)

Marketing On Facebook

Marketing On Facebook Properly 10 Expert Tips…

With the popularity of Facebook it’s a wonder that network marketers are looking to start marketing on Facebook, with over 750 million active user it’s a network marketers playground to seek out leads and potential prospects to join their home based/mlm business.

If you are not yet marketing on Facebook you are missing out big time, so go and sign up free and get yourself a profile setup.

Remember like with every method, marketing on Facebook requires you to learn to market effectively and correctly without spamming and without plastering ads all over the place, so with that in mind below I have listed 20 export tips to marketing on Facebook correctly and effectively.

1. Be interactive
Don’t be a boring sod, it’s all good and well being on Facebook but you must remember to actually get your face noticed as much as possible, remember to ask questions, comment and like other peoples posts, the more you do this the more you will connect with your Facebook friends.

Don’t take it for granted that you have a page available. No matter how great you’ve made it, if you aren’t active, it defeats the whole purpose of having

2. Don’t be all business
Here’s a tip, follow the 20% / 80% rule and remember 20% should be your marketing on Facebook and 80% should be you connecting and interacting with your friends.

3. Ask questions
Remember to take part in conversations but also to ask questions, it’s not enough for you to be pitching your business opportunity (which you should never do), asking questions is a super way for you kick off a conversation and connect with your friends, for example post a joke or a video and ask opinions.

 4. Don’t make it all about yourself
As a rough rule of thumb, post around four to five status updates on stuff about outside news items or discoveries, share your friends posts which you find interesting. And when you do mention.

5. Never even pitch your business opportunity
Don’t pitch your business opportunity or product directly, make a genuine connection share useful information, and introduce people to a training programme which will provide them a solution to their problems, post blog posts from your personal blog or other people blogs which you find useful and will help others.

6. Post engaging comments
You want people to comment and engage in your discussions, so make them entertaining and encourage natural click through so you can move into Top News feeds, don’t put up posts like “Just had a sandwich, it was nice”…

7. Make requests
Why not ask your friends to express their views on a topic that interests you, something as simple as “what do you struggle in most when prospecting to leads”.

8. Keep it fresh
Keep updating your pages and post useful information to help your friends who are struggling by regularly providing value and keep in constant contact.

9. Be consistent
Being consistent is one the most if not the MOST IMPORTANT tip on this entire post, set yourself a plan and stick to it, for example you could have a plan :-

1. Request 10 friends per day
2. Post a few comments during the entire day

Remembering to stick to the the plan, doing something consistently will get you noticed more then just sitting and doing nothing at all, remember without an action their is no reaction.

10. Post strategically
Marketing on Facebook is all about posting your content with some trial and error, basically not all your friends will be in your time zone so post your messages and see when you get the best responses and try to figure this out it may take some times or you could be posting and no one would see your posts.

Well that’s some of my top ten tips for everyone I hope they are useful for you and as always I would love to hear some comments, and if you like this please click the like button.

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