Lead Prospecting

Lead ProspectingLead Prospecting is a must, if your anything like me and serious about your mlm (multi level marketing business) you have already mastered and are good at MLM Lead Generation and hopefully generating anywhere from between 10 – 50 leads a day at least now.

The Art Of Lead Prospecting

So what exactly do I mean by Lead Prospecting? In simple terms Lead Prospecting mean to call your leads and try to pitch and sell them what ever it is you are selling, now since we are using attraction marketing for our business we don’t quiet do things that way.

Using attraction marketing for is somewhat of an art rather then just picking up the phone and start rambling on about how your company is the best and with the best possible compensation plan which if you are not already practising attraction marketing you must admit you do right now, right? Hows that going?

Want to know more about attraction marketing read up the post a few from this one on my blog, o.k back on topic.

What is a typical Lead Prospecting call like?

This is what alot of new people who have just started generating leads do wrong, they either don’t call their leads or call them too late, or maybe call them and start pitching, now that’s not necessarily their fault; we as human beings are natural at trying our best to try to sell something, you need to get that out of your system and remember as a practiser of attraction marketing you want to do your lead prospecting by providing value and solutions.

Your goal is to build trust and rapport and ask questions, do not let your lead start questioning you, remember you are the one in control not your lead. You are the one who is the authority figure who can provide solutions to your leads problems so remember that when calling your leads.

Some questions to ask when Lead Prospecting.

  1. Why did you opt into the form?
  2. What methods to marketing are you currently using to generate leads?
  3. Are you generating consistent leads on a daily basis?
  4. What could you do to improve your current situation?
  5. Why did you get involved in network marketing?
  6. How long have you been involved in network marketing?

These but just a few out of loads of questions you can ask to build rapport and get your prospect to give away all the problems you could possibly provide a solution to.

Quick tip is MLM Lead Generation is one of the top problems faced by 95% of network marketers so use that to your advantage when lead prospecting.

Learn More About Lead Prospecting

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