How To Get Contact Details For All Your Facebook Friends – Tip 3

My Personal Facebook Marketing Tips – Tip 3

O.K everyone here goes another cool little tip for all us network marketers out their, you have a bunch of friends on your contact list and you want to give them a call and introduce yourself and try to connect with them on a personal level, using Skype and IM to chat is all good but their is nothing better than giving a potential lead/sign up a call and connecting with them personally.

How do you get that persons phone number, you could simple ask every friends contact number which could potentially take you days and days to accumulate if you have hundreds of friends, I can show you a much easier way where you can get a full list of contacts in one place on facebook, would you like to know how to do that ?

I thought you would, well follow these simple instructions:-

1 – Log into your Facebook account

2 – On the top right hand side corner “CLICK ACCOUNT”

3 – In the pop up menu that shows up click “EDIT FRIENDS”

4 – When the page shows up in the left pane you will see Friends & Contacts below that.

5 – Click on “CONTACTS”

6 – You will now have on your screen an entire phone book of contact numbers to go through.

How Cool is that.

Will show your facebook contacts in the contacts listHere’s a little mini tip for everyone on Windows Phone 7 like me on my bad a$$ HTC HD7, you can actually have your entire friend list contact details show up in your regular contact list in Windows Phone 7 by default.





Hay I’m in a good mood so here’s another mini tip using your Windows Phone 7, if you get a lead via direct email on your phone you will actually be able to see the profile picture of a facebook contact if that person is on Facebook, very handy tip huh.






Have an awesome evening


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