Do you want to sell or recruit?

Well, do you want to be the sales man or the bussiness man?

Their is a huge difference in wanting to recruit reps into your business and simply sell your products, look at large companies such as Avon & Amway.

If you pitch your business opportunity left, right and centre sure you’ll sell your products but you’ll never recruit those people as reps and build a business, so if that is your goal happy pitching.

Now if you are sensible and want to earn some serious money in this industry you will want to grow your downline and build a business, and pitching your business opportuntiy will only attract the attention of the wrong kind of people, these people will be looking for a means to make quick and easy cash and when they finally realise that they can not (and you really can not) they will quit crppling your downline step by step.

So ask yourself do you want to recruit absolutely anyway by selling your products or the serious business minded individual who is willing to work and understand the concept of business building?

I tell you what, i say bye bye to plenty of people who want to join me because they want easy money, WHY because they will only cripple my company and drag me down with them, so ask yourself do you want to work with these kind of people?

I sure as hell don’t! and neither should you, if you are serious about earning a real residual income for life.

That is the difference between pitching your business to people and actually recruiting correctly, the chances are you are pitching to anything walking, talking or standing on two legs.

That their is your biggest mistake and the reason you are failing right this minute.

Want to be successful learn to recruit targeted professionals who are willing to work hard, follow instructions and genuinly serious.

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