Content Marketing Sucks Big Time!

Content MarketingContent Marketing Sucks

Really no kidding Content Marketing really does suck and in many different ways, so many people use content marketing in their efforts to market their network marketing business and not only that but also to market themselves.

So why do I say Content Marketing Sucks if it’s so good, because content marketing actually does suck, sucks in traffic and free leads that is; see now you can see how it sucks big time.

I have been doing content marketing forever and seeing consistent results which are helping me generate a tone of traffic and a tone of free targeted leads every single day.

So what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is using your own productivity to spread valuable content throughout the internet about your chosen niche in our case network marketing.

Provide lots of free valuable quality content to people who are looking for solutions in exchange for traffic and in some cases there contact information (aka lead generation).

Different methods of content marketing

There are many different methods for content marketing and I have listed some of the more popular ones right here for your guys to give a go right now, understand this though; when it comes to this form of marketing it does not mean instant results right away, it’s actually a building process over time.

It does work and billions of people are doing it every single day as a means to generate free traffic and free leads.

1. Video
2. Articles
3. Blogging
4. Press Releases

and loads more methods of content marketing.

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