Building Backlinks & Google SEO

Building backlinks & Google SEO (search engine optimization)

What is backlinking?

Backlinking is a form of seo used to link like a network between sites, it’s like placing votes for each other, the more backlinks you have coming to your site/pages the more optimized your site is and higher in the ranks it will appear in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Backlink Seo For Google

Backlinks = Vote for your site content, the more you have the better it is.

So how did I manage to do this, O.K let me explain this to you as simple as possible, you will first need to do some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), choose upto a maximum of three keywords to target for your chosen page do not over do the keywords otherwise your page will look cluttered and out of place to Google and you may get penalised by Google instead (use Google keyword tool) make sure they are high traffic keywords, no point in selecting pages which will rake in only 10 – 30 visits per month so use the Google keyword tool and find the keywords correctly then write your posts, pages, articles naturally using the keywords a decent amount of times keeping in mind to keep your text natural, bold some keywords, use the header tags, use the underline, italics and hyper-link some keywords if you want to see some examples check out some of my articles from the right hand column and see what I have done and replicate, some of my keywords are very low traffic in themselves but when used as broad keywords they are higher ranking for example I can use my keyword for the below image “Generate leads from facebook” as “Generate leads using facebook” or “Generate leads with facebook” and still rank number 5 on Google, what you will like here is if I use the key phrase “generate leads using facebook ppc” I come up on spot one of Google WOW what you’ll notice if you look closely is that these words are all in the title tag, description tag and a part of my hidden keywords.

Backlink SEO

Backlink SEO

I’ll share a little known secret of how I get hight quality backlinks to help me get to these top spots on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

You need to join as many social book marking sites as you possibly can, look for the high quality ones like Digg, Facebook (obviously), Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon etc… and book mark your pages to these social bookmarking sites, another tip is to head over to www.onlywire.com and sign up for their free service and you can start to auto-bookmark in one go for free (limited submissions etc…) and save you doing each one separately.

Also a must is to sign up to some articles/Ezine sites and submit some hight quality articles all linking back to the original post you want to get ranked.

That’s it…that’s my secret.

Easy to replicate for anyone. give it a go and I would love to see some comments and feedbacks.

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