Building A List

Building A List

Very important in your network marketing business is the fact that you should be building a list of leads who you should then build a relationship, rapport and trust with.

Do you have a list yet? If not you better get started because you definitely need one.

How does building a list help?

It’s simple, when your leads opt into your capture page and get on your auto responder list (get aweber here if you don’t already have one) you must start to build trust and relationships by providing FREE help and valuable content because what that will achieve at the end of the day is all those people on your list will start to value you more, trust and like you more and you’ll be able to build better rapport and connect better with everyone on your list.

When you have enough rapport built and a proper solid trust factor established, it can really be as easy as asking your entire list to take a look at your main primary business opportunity, so if you have a list of 500 people there is a chance that at least 100 may join your primary because they have come to know, like and trust you as you have become a real person and friend to them through your communication with them, even if they did not join your main business when they first opted into your list, you see how it can benefit you and work in your favour to have yourself a list of all your leads now.

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