Awebber Email Direct Marketing Tool $1 Trial is a no Brainer!

Awebber is actually Aweber!

AWeber which is is quiet often misspelled as Awebber is a complete email marketing tool that allows you to create stylish opt-in forms, build and manage a subscribers list as well as send out bulk emails / newsletters to clients / customer or leads on your list of subscribers, basically it’s the most wanted and desirable tool a network marketer or any company for that matter could possible want to make repeated sales over and over again by promoting their products to their list of customers.

I use Awebber / Aweber and so should you, WHY?

Being a network marketer myself, I understand the power of having a list of responsive customers and use Awebber to generate leads and build a number of lists within Aweber.

Using the simple yet stylish op-in forms I am able to create and integrate opt-in forms for my blog or capture pages and get people to sign up to receive my newsletter and emails, in fact if you look on the top right corner you will see my opt-in form for some great FREE video training on Facebook Marketing which was created with Awebber.

Aweber Misspelled as Awebber Lol….

O.K you’ve probably noticed by now that I have misspelled Aweber as Awebber more then a few times lol…well that was purely for SEO reasons so you could land on this page and learn more about Aweber the list building tool which as I mentioned above is quiet often misspelled as Awebber.

The Importance of Using Aweber to build a list and why you should be building a list rather then one time sales!

So let me ask you this simple question do you shop with one of those huge and popular online stores like Amazon, Play.com or eBay? When was the last time they sent you an email? Pretty recent right? and let me guess you went and purchased one of those items they where selling on their email right or at least had the urge to.

Well all these on-line stores use a list building programme of some sort and well Awebber is your list building tool which will allow you to do that exact thing, imagine if you could simply have details of customers in a list to which you could every so often mail out your special prices / offers or items you want to sell, awesome right!

This was a short interview I did with my good friend and network marketer leader Diane Hochman, see what she has to say about building lists!

I use Aweber all the time and initially it only cost me $1 to trial out for 30 whole days WOW! but I was hooked on it once I learned of the power of email marketing and how this tool could make me money on autopilot using just e-marketing, in fact my good friend Daegan Smith actually earns six figures using just email marketing every single month (now that’s awesome).

So this is a picture of me hanging out my two millionaire friends Brian Fanale & Daegan Smith at the U.K MLM Summit they both use Aweber to build huge lists of leads to which they market and sell their products and services to.

Awebber & The Affiliate Programme & Commission (Residual Income)

Another awesome thing about Aweber is the affiliate programme from the tool which allows you to earn 30% of all sales now whilst that may not sound much for a tool that costs just $19 a month it is residual and will add up really quick check out the screenshot of my own personal commissions from Aweber’s back office.

Awebber Commissions

So bottom line, if you are after a tool that will allow you to create awesome opt-in forms and build huge lists that you can automate messages to when ever you want and earn residual income on the go then Aweber is one of your long term best friends no matter what industry you may be part of!


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