Attraction Marketing is all hype

Attraction marketing is all hype and an in effective method of building any business, at least that’s what 97% who are failing at their business still believe.

But in all seriousness if you are still out there doing the whole my business opportunity is the best with the best compensation plan and awesome pay, wake up.

That simply won’t work, let me give you an example why :-

Lets assume Stans burger supershop has just opened there first branch ever and there marketing approach is to ask people on the street by charging at them yelling buy a big Stan burger, buy a big Stan burger, its cheap and super tasty, you’ll love it believe us.

Your reaction would probably be something like :-

“Who are you and why are you hassling me, I don’t know you and certainly don’t trust or like you either now.

Id rather go to my local McDonald’s where I know they have awesome customer service and they do not try to force food down my throat, I can just simply walk in order and wait for my order to be prepared, without being bothered.

So now you tell me is attraction marketing hyped or does it work?

Do you see how attraction marketing actually works in the above example?

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