Action = Results

In my early days as a newbie network marketer, i was anxious to get started and all i saw was the sparkling dollar signs.

Like most newbies i thought if i signed up to a MLM programme the money would magically start to fall out the sky into my bank account (in my PayPal account in my case) without me actually having to lift a finger.

This was not entirely my fault to be honest, my upline for this particular MLM business assured me that all i needed to do was sign up and watch the money pour in (sound familiar guys?) i was hooked on this uplines claims of making me rich in a few weeks and signed up right away for $65 I’m glad it was only this much.

Once i was in my upline mysteriously disappeared, no replies to emails or calls, nothing at all, then finally one day i get a reply “join my team on a live call tonight for some free training”.

On that call my upline told us “the best way to generate leads is to ask your friends and family” which i did, do you think they cared not really my responses went something like this “It’s a pyramid scheme right?”, “This won’t work i need to get people to join me and that’s not easy”, “Show me how much money you have made first”, “I’ll carry on working it’s easier”.

I eventually got fedup and quit that company, joint numerous other MLM companies still thinking money was going to drop out the sky without me having to actually lift a finger, without much guidance or direction from my uplines except basically plaster your ads everywhere you can find space.

Anyway 2 years later i was introduced to MLSP (My Lead System Pro) by one of the industries top earners, i signed up for the $9.97 risk free two week trial offer which taught me the art of attraction marketing (Check out my other posts for information on this awesome concept which will get your leads chasing you down to join you), for the first week or so i still had the training from my old MLM businesses firmly lodged in my head and the thought that i would be able to generate leads by not doing much.

Within two weeks, i had gone through around 40% of the training and man did I learn a whole bunch of new things which no upline has ever taught me, it was like my uplines where their to make money off of me and not actually support me, with absolutely no knowledge of how the networking marketing / MLM industry actually operated and how to get the best out of it.

What i learned is the more work you put into your MLM business the more it will pay you right back, if you sit on your PlayStation 3 for 4 hours straight playing Tekken 5 you ain’t going to get results however if you dedicate around 2 to 3 hours each day on pure marketing you leads will start to drip in and you could potentially generate 20 – 50 leads each day.

So the morel of this little post is :-



The more action you take the more results you will get, no matter how you market, weather it’s on Facebook or classified ads or video marketing on youtube.

Everyone take in this little post and take action on what i am teaching you today,  NOW, Right away.

Have and awesome day

Abdul Waheed

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