7 Effective Ways To Generate Leads Online

Generate Leads7 most effective ways of being able to generate leads for any mlm business.

Every internet marketer faces the problem of finding new ways to generate leads for the online businesses.

With that in my I have listed below in order 7 of the most effective methods which I have personally found are very effective ways how you can generate leads for any mlm business.

Facebook PPC
Without a shadow of a doubt Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is among the top if not the number one method which I personally use and generate leads with; which are 100% laser targeted, check out my Facebook PPC training video to see how effective this method is and why I recommend you use it now if you have a budget and generate leads in minutes, you can also check out this free marketing Webinar on general PPC strategies.

Video Marketing
Generate leads using video marketing, remember the basic rule of attraction marketing people connect with people who they trust and know, so what better way to get your self known and trusted then to get in front of the camera and show the world who you are and what you can offer and that you are real person; not just an email client with a bit of text, don’t be shy be yourself practise makes perfect.

Social Networking Site’s
Generate leads using numerous social networking sites in particular Facebook and Twitter, utilise these two social networking giants correctly and you can start right away and generate leads at absolutely no cost which are not only FREE but are mostly excellent quality leads you just need to know how to find the correct people and connect with them correctly, want to learn how to do this correctly choose my free training from Twitter or Facebook marketing Webinar’s.

Article Marketing
Use article marketing correctly and it can generate leads which are again absolutely FREE, providing you write articles which are rich in value, keywords and content and already seo optimised for search engines, if you want to learn how to effectively do article marketing check out my free training.

Blog Commenting
Ever heard of blog commenting? O.K basically their are two main uses for commenting on blogs at least what I personally do, I search out blogs via Google with a particular keyword using the Google search string :-

inurl:blog “keyword” “leave a comment”

What this search string does is it looks through Google’s index for all urls’s with the world blog in it, then it looks through the pages found for the “keyword” and the words leave a comment, so you only come up with pages which will allow you to leave comments.

right once you have found a blog read through the post and leave a appropriate comment with a backlink to your page and remember don’t be spammy.

Forum Signature’s
Join a number of appropriate forums, join in discussions and leave comments making sure to use the signature feature to market in some way, for example I practice attraction so I never eeeeever promote my business opportunity upfront so I link to one of my articles with some useful information and a solution to a network marketers problem.

My signature may read something like the below :-

“Struggling to generate leads, learn how you can start generating between 10 – 50 laser targeted leads today, visit this link and learn how for free now”

Classified Ads
In my experience I have found classified ads to bring in a decent amount of leads for me, I use craigslist, & backpage for all my classifieds, the best thing the majority of ads can be placed free of charge, this is more of a trial and error but is effective.

Interested in learning how I generate leads and get sign ups into my business just follow the above simple steps, want to learn more join me and my system and get it done properly.

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