5 Reasons, why choose attraction marketing?

Why should you adapt attraction marketing as your primary method of generating leads.

Allot of people in the MLM industry ask this exact same question especially if they are already generating a steady stream of leads plastering their business opportunity everywhere from classified sites such as Craigslist to social networking sites like Facebook.

You know what all these people have in common, other then their advertising method, 95% of their leads don’t convert to actual sign ups, sure these people generate 20 leads per day but they never actually convert to actual sign-ups, generating leads is step one, converting is your main objective.

Any leads they do get to sign up, meerly quit after a week, when they realise that they are not making any actual money.

Here is your answer to that million dollar question, why is attraction marketing different and in fact more targeted than regular marketing, which majority of people tend to do.

1. Attraction marketing is more targeted because, you eliminate the time wasters and tyre kickers and generate leads who are interested in you and your leadership.

2. Marketing your business opportunity directly will not get you leads who are willing to necessarily go through the learning curve and will instantly want the income you advertised on your ad and when they are unable to generate that money they will assume you to be another scam artist and quit, leaving you back hunting for more leads.

3. You will find it extremely hard to maintain a good downline with traditional marketing by posting business ads, when people joining your business opportunity and see no results they will tend to leave just as easy.

4. Attraction marketing is about learning and applying, becoming a leader and expert in the field so you can teach your downline to duplicate which in turn means everyone is happy and making money without your downline crumbling before it gets started.

5. Show people that you know enough and have the skills and knowledge to help them succeed and have the solution to their problems by displaying your skills and sharing value, and your leads to come to you and not the other way round, meaning no more cold calling, no more harassing friends and family.

So these are just a few positives as to why and how attraction marketing is the way to go and recruit for your business opportunity.

Hope this had brought some value for you and shed some light on the concept known as attraction marketing.

Have an awesome night.

Abdul Waheed

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