5 Pillars to MLM Success

These are my personal 5 Pillers to growing a successful MLM empire, without these five pillars your business can not stand steady let alone grow.

Being Very Serious

Every day in our industry we see people come and people go, people fail and people succeed, what is the difference between them, the people who succeed are the ones who are serious, the people who fail are those that are infatuated with the business and figures they see that other people who are successful earn through hard work.

Simple fact is if you want success in internet / network marketing you need to be serious, hard working & dedicated, treat your business like a business and not a hobby.

Be willing to spend some money to be successful, not a single leader / top producing earner in this industry has done it for FREE and if you intend to be the first, join the que and wait your turn to fail because it’s never ending, why do you think 97% fail because they lack these five pillars and in particular being serious about this industry.


Marketing is a must, without marketing you have no leads and without leads you have no one to talk to about your business, sure you can go out and contact random people but what are the chances of your local chip shop owner wanting to join you business? You need to be able to market to the correct people who are SERIOUS and PROFESSIONAL and willing to go through the learning curve.

Marketing is Key, their are a number of ways you can market, the main purpose of marketing is to attract people to you and your business using attraction marketing, you must make yourself approachable by providing solutions and making yourself more valuable to people who are already in this industry and target people who want to join you instead of picking up random people who are not remotely interested in you or your business.

So what are some of the marketing methods :-

You must first of all have a system in place, every top producer and leader has one so it makes sense to have one unless you consider yourself better then some of the top leaders (arrogance does not get your anywhere in this industry).

Social Media Marketing, is a great way of marketing effectively and building your reputation online as a leader who is their to help others, after all like I have mentioned time and time again people join people they know, like and trust which is exactly what you want to be, to see any kind of success.

Use social networking giant Facebook, Twitter and upcoming Google+ to build yourself a solid reputation by helping others and providing solutions and making yourself both approachable and more valuable (Gold sells at allot higher price then, aluminium does, make youself irresistible).

Ezine’s are another great way to marketing not only does it get your notices you can use Ezine article marketing to rank higher on search engines to get yourself some free leads via organic searches.

Pay-Per-Click, in particular Facebook PPC is a very effective way to target market online due to the demographic targeting available in Facebook so you can actually target people by, age, location, interest and even the companies.

These are just some methods of marketing you can use right away and mostly which are free excluding Facebook PPC of course, if you want immediate results I would recommend you give Facebook PPC a go.

Lead Generation

As mentioned above targeted leads are one of the more important aspects of growing a successful MLM empire, without leads your business will never grow, you will essentially end up wasting money without anyone to talk to about your business.


One of the absolute stupidest thing allot of network marketers do which is the main reason for their downfall is they don’t prospect enough, meaning connecting with people by maybe getting on the phone and actually calling people, or contacting them via Facebook messaging to Skype or what ever means available and making a personal connection. building rapport and moulding themselves into that person who people will know, like and trust, PROSPECTING is a MUST!


All the above steps are wonderful and very important to your success, but if you follow all these that won’t mean you will get sign ups it just means you are a step closer to getting sign ups, what you need to master are ways in which to lead your prospects/leads into joining you business otherwise known as closing.

All these pillars actually fall into place in a sequence and if even one is missing YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.

I truly hope you have learnt how important it is to have these 5 pillars to ensure your success in the Internet / Network / Home Business / MLM industry.

I wish you all the best and I hope you put these to use right away and if you do, I can pretty much guarantee you will see results.

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