5 Internet Marketers Essentials

Every serious Internet Marketer such as myself requires a set of tools that we just cannot do without, not only to save us time but to save us a whole lot of money too.

The below tools are what I myself and some of the top internet marketers use on a daily basis and I recommend you get your self and start to use.

1 – A System (My Lead System Pro Recommended)

One thing that every top internet marketer has in common is they all use a system to save them time, effort and money, their are many systems out their, I personally use and recommend My Lead System Pro (MLSP) purely for the fact I know it works and I use it myself and get results by using it, not only does it allow me to generate leads but My Lead System Pro actually trains you how to market correctly using the concept of attraction marketing.

2 – A Method Of Communication (Skype)

One thing you must do with your leads is make contact and communicate and build rapport, after all people want to work with people who they like, trust and look up to, and using your land line or cell phone can really get your a huge bill (four month’s ago I paid my cell phone bill of £111.00) since then I have been using Skype to contact and connect with my leads by using the Skype to Skype free calling as well as using the monthly subscription to make calls internationally to landlines and cellphones worldwide for only £30.00 for three months, that is super cheap seriously, prices may vary depending on countries so do a little research, but this has really saved me huge wads of cash.

3 – A Blog or Website (Get A Free One Now)

Although you don’t have to have one, I highly recommend you have a blog rather than a stand alone website and update on a regular basis, this will also enable you to build rapport with your leads as well as generate you fresh leads using search engines if you correctly optimise with proper SEO.

4 – A Facebook Profile (Facebook)

There are a whole lot of methods to market yourself and build rapport, but the best way that I can recommend is for your to get yourself a Facebook Profile and interact with other network marketers and start to learn as well as implement and place yourself as a leader to others. You can learn more about how to use Facebook to market effectively within My Lead System Pro (MLSP) .

Why Facebook? Simple it has over 750 Million active users full of like minded individuals looking to connect with people like you, you can really build a solid reputation / rapport and generate an endless flow of targeted leads every single day, I myself generate an excess of 150 leads every single month by interacting and providing value and placing myself as a leader on Facebook.

5 – An Autoresponder (I use AWeber)

What is an autoresponder?  well you must have heard the terms run you business on autopilot well an autoresponder is an essential key doing that, maybe not right now but eventually you start to get flooded with leads and people asking about your business, and autoresponder will help you in the form of building a list and following up for your automatically without and intervention on your behalf.

How it works is, your market, leads fill in the lead capture form (which with Aweber you get) they get put into the Aweber autoresponder leads list and automatically receive a reply from a list of messages pre-prepared by yourself, for example your first message maybe a welcome message with an introduction about yourself. Then every so many days, weeks or months you can auto schedule messages to be send to every person in your list. To make this easier My Lead System Pro provide both an in build autoresponder and lead capture pages for you.

O.K guys these are some of the tools I use to make my business a success, that im sure you will find very useful and valuable in your marketing efforts.

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