5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business

Facebook MarketingFacebook Marketing Don’ts

Listed below are just a few Facebook Marketing mistakes that I bet you make everyday when using Facebook marketing to promote and build your online business that you don’t even realise you are doing.

How many of you don’t practice or even know what attraction marketing is? or why you really should be using attraction marketing for your Facebook Marketing strategies?

Believe it or not there is a right way and wrong to using Facebook marketing, the question is which are you currently doing?

Unfortunately chances are your Facebook marketing is having a negative impact on your network marketing business because you are doing things wrong and it is litrally killing your lead generation and business.

If you feel this way i suggest you take a look into the concept of attraction marketing.

Facebook Marketing  – Wrong Way

So what could you be doing wrong? Well there are more things we all do wrong when it comes to Facebook marketing then right, simply because they seem easy.

For example take a look at the below select screenshots from my own Facebook wall.

Facebook Marketing Facebook MarketingFacebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing For Failure

Facebook Marketing – Post Hi-Jacking

What can you see in the above post screen shots? I see this all the time on my own posts as well as other peoples post, it’s called post hi-jacking and is in my opinion one of the worst ways out their that does nothing but damage your reputation and makes you look desperate and spammy, is that what you want to be portrayed as?

A desperate newbie who has no idea what he/she is doing and is way off the mark as far as leadership is concerned.

Facebook Marketing – First Connection Pitching

How many people reading this post, send a friend request with a link to their business opportunity? How many actually get a reply or sign-up using this strategy, not many right.

Think to yourself, why in the world would I want to be part of your business opportunity if the first thing you do after accepting or when sending a friend request is pitch me your business opportunity, what does that actually say about you :-

  1. You are pretty new
  2. You really badly need some new reps
  3. You are not a leader
  4. You need me more then I need you (It should be the other way round)
  5. You are not successful so you can’t help me be either

Plus keep in mind that Facebook is a social platform not a sales platform, people come on Facebook to socialise and connect with their friends.

These are just a few points and the list can go on and on.

Facebook Marketing – Wall Spamming

Almost every day I get someone posting a sales pitch on my wall, does that look or make you look professional? Of course not, the above five points apply here to.

Facebook Marketing Facebook Marketing

Look at how the above two images of posts that people posted on my wall, they are blatantly posting business ads look for my post on why you should not plaster your ads all over the place.

Facebook Marketing – Image Tagging

Don’t you hate it when people you don’t even know (even sometimes people you know) tag an image of God only knows what and say your in it only to find it’s an ad for something or another, like for example below It took me ages to get that profile banner ready and set in the correct order, only to find someone decided to tag me in a picture of a Nike trainer, which replaced my first image on my profile page until I deleted the tag, tad bit annoying and wrong way to do your Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing – Message Spamming

Does it ever happen when you are on your computer just doing your thing with or without the Facebook site open and you get flooded with message after message about business opportunity after business opportunity from a bunch of spammers? You really want to avoid doing such things.

Facebook Marketing

Unless your intentions are to annoy people I do strongly suggest you avoid any of the above methods of Facebook Marketing, because they will only harm your reputation and do you no benefit at all.

Want to know how to avoid all this and learn the art of attraction marketing click here to find out more.

Attraction Marketing System

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