3 Simple Tweaks To Your FB Profile That Will Get You FREE Leads & Sales Starting Today

Ever wanted to learn how you can monetise all the FREE organic traffic coming your way through Facebook every single day? Well, I’ve been able to generate thousands of leads and build teams in the hundreds. That’s multiple 6-figure internet businesses whether you call it Internet Marketing/Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or MLM.

Here are some results to give you an idea of what is possible if you implement these 3 simple tweaks to your Facebook Profile today.

O.K so here goes so pay attention and take notes if you have to otherwise you can always come back to this post.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to generate the highest quality and targeted leads but not spend a dime whilst monetizing all the FREE traffic you get to your Facebook Profile anyway, I can’t impress upon you how many people are using Facebook and doing it all wrong.

Every day I come across people sending me random messages about their business with no reason to want to actually choose to work with them.

QUESTION: Does Your Profile Attract Or Retract?

Ask yourself this question, right now if you visited your profile how would you perceive yourself to be, what would be the first impression you would get being exposed to your profile for the very first time?

Here’s why I’m asking that, your first point of contact as a Facebook Marketer is your profile and is what sets the expectation of people visiting your profile.

How they see you here makes all the difference between them choosing to connect, opt-in or work with you.

  • You need to show people visiting your profile you are the right person for them to work with.
  • Show them you’re a leader
  • Show them you’re a real person
  • Show them you can help them
  • Show them that they can trust you

See here’s the thing if someone visits your profile and the first thing they see is a missing timeline cover photo or a profile picture of Tom Cruise instead of your own, they will click away and move on.

Some Of The Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making On Your Profile Right Now & How To Fix Them Today!

So here are some basics you need to go fix right now on your profile so you can start to monetize all that free traffic coming to you and stop leaving all that money on the table.

Profile Image/Video

Make sure you go add a profile picture or video of yourself, no wads of cash, no cats, dogs or photos of your favorite celebrities, people want to connect with you, not your money, pets or celeb crush.

Here are a few examples from some great profile pics to give you an idea.

and some really bad ones you should avoid modeling

Timeline Cover Photo

Just like your profile picture your timeline cover is just as important and one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make is not upload a cover photo at all, you have no idea how much money you are losing by not having this unique selling point on your profile.

Once again here are a few pointers for you to make sure your profile is optimized as much as possible, so make sure there are no pics of cars, pets, company logos, income proofs, wads of cash, or other weird stuff that doesn’t sell you as a leader, authority, and someone people would want to work with.

You want to sell yourself here, think of it like a teaser trailer into your life that you’re going to be showing your audience as they visit your profile, what you have here makes all the difference between people wanting to connect/follow you and clicking away thinking all you’re really doing is spamming and sharing no value.

So here are a few examples of some great timeline covers to give you an idea and inspire you

and of course, some not so good ones that you should avoid below…..

The About Section

O.K so the next section you need to update is the about section and this section is one of the sections that 90% people totally neglect.

Take a look at my personal profile and see what I mean and how much info you should have in it and what most people have in it.

Most people don’t ever upload the Featured photos which are the five images you see below the text.

Once again this is a great way to show people who you are, what you’re about and why people should want to join and work with you.

Share photos of lifestyle, success, and family here.

Click on the image to zoom in and see what I mean.

This image on the left is, of course, an example of what the 90% people do with this section and end up losing a ton of potential leads, sales, and team members.

So the objective here really is to optimize your profile so people are attracted to you and are somewhat magnetically attracted to you to the point they start reaching out with questions, wanted to join your team and be on your email list purely because you’ve given them a reason to choose you over others out there who have not taken the time and effort to make these simple little changes.

You want to position yourself on your profile as the expert, as a genuine person who is able to help your target audience with their struggles and pain points by providing them the solutions they are looking for.

Be the problem solver, not the problem itself.

If you do this right you will start to see your engagement and results increase.

Watch The Video Here


Of course, this is just one step in many when it comes to generating more leads, signing up more people and building your online empire but hey, it’s still a great start.


Here’s a webinar you can get exclusive access to, which I go into more detail about the three tweaks and also exactly how I have used my own profile to generate thousands of leads and sponsor hundreds of reps into my internet businesses with no paid ads whatsoever.

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