20 Ways To Guarantee You Never Succeed Online

You must be thinking, why in the world would you want to Fail in your home/internet marketing business? Well the fact is 97% people want to because they don’t want to succeed by helping themselves they obviously want to Fail right, make sense?

The opposite of not wanting to succeed is embracing failure with open arms, so how do you fail in MLM / Your home business? That’s easy.


O.K here are a number of things which will help you on your journey to failure in your home business, in fact in any business: –


  • Don’t Join a System
  • If you do join a system whine and complain that it does not work
  • If you are in a system just quit it in a few days
  • If a leader sees potential in you and calls to offer help; anything over FREE is too expensive, so refuse…all the leaders made it “FREE” and so will you.
  • Don’t follow instructions given by your upline / leader / sponsor
  • Work for two minutes to half an hour a day
  • Expect results in days or months
  • Expect your upline / leader / sponsor to baby sit you
  • Treat your business like a hobby, and take huge breaks
  • Don’t be serious (Who needs to be serious right)
  • Expect miracles when you join a company
  • If you somehow manage to generate leads, definitely don’t call them
  • If your phone rings don’t answer especially if it’s an international call, because it won’t cost you a penny and it could be someone who may want to join your business, STAY AWAY from that.
  • Never try to connect with potential prospects, that’s crazy right
  • Hay Social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter are your worst enemy, they can make you successful if you accidentally connect with a real interested and serious person unlike yourself. Definite No No….
  • The Phone is your biggest enemy in this business if you want to fail lock it in the shed and if it rings cut the line.
  • Mobile, get a new sim with a new number from the one you listed in your home business.
  • Be afraid of people, they are scary never approach a stranger, he could potentially join your business, never evvveeeer prospect.
  • If you somehow manage to get leads and even connect and sign them up, ignore them completely, and be happy that you signed them up.
  • Lastly, once you do sign up someone, Chill out things will get better now that you have got one person and you are a leader now!

So everyone I hope these really neat tips help you FAIL and join the 97% out their, you obviously do not want to be with the smaller number of 3% who succeed right, that’s just plain dumb.

Wish you all the best. Good Luck.

“Oh wait, just in case you do want to succeed” Just do the opposite of the above mentioned tips and well you’ll see or if you need help just DROP me a line – +447871651324 or just email me if you are afraid of the phone [email protected].

I’ll be more then happy to assist in changing your way of thinking.

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