13 Must Have WordPress Plugins!

Hey everyone here is a list of my top used WordPress Plug-ins that I personally use on this blog which I’m sure you will all love too, so here you go guys enjoy.

Not in any particular order, you can search them from the plug-ins section or you can click the visit plug-in site link next to the title, easier to search them though.

Follow me – By Brian Chappell (Visit plugin site)

Great plug-in to get yourself followers on a selection of social networking sites site on either the right hand side scroll bar or on the left you choose, looks cool and does a great job.

Auto Tweet – By Joefish (Visit plugin site)

A great way to auto tweet all your posts to twitter, it’s as simple as that, you tweet and this feeds it directly to twitter for you without any intervention on your part, makes life a lot easier.

Custom Contact Forms – By Taylor Lovett (Visit plugin site)

Allows you to create contact forms which you can integrate and insert into any page on your word press blog, great way to be able to get feedback and provide a contact for for your visitors instead of a simple email link, has some really good features too.

Google XML Sitemaps – By Arne Brachhold (Visit plugin site)

Go get this right away, it will help google index your blog better and rank you better on google as well as other search engines.

Greg’s High Performance SEO – By Greg Mulhauser (Visit plugin site)

This is my most used plug-in and a definite recommendation, if you want to add meta tags such as, title, description, keywords for search engine optimization this is what you need, it’s also great to use for Facebook links as using the meta tags overwrites the default descriptions Facebook picks up from the page itself – GO GET IT NOW! This ones for you Jennifer Jarratt.

Page Links To – By Mark Jaquith (Visit plugin site)

Just started using this, and it’s a great way to hyperlink parts of WordPress to external pages, for example if you wanted to link a menu item to your Facebook page directly you can do this with this plug-in, awesome plug-in.

SEO Helper – By Michael Henke (Visit plugin site)

Seriously if you want to know how SEO friendly your posts/pages are then this will tell you exactly what you need to fix and what’s wrong with your page just below your posts with green ticks or red crosses.

SexyBookmarks – By Shareaholic (Visit plugin site)

GO GET IT – not only looks sexy on your page but does an awesome job of interacting with social sites, with over 20+ social sites to choose from including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Stumble, Squidoo and loads more to choose from, can sit above posts or below posts or both with facebook like, share and google + icons, it’s an all in one social networking plug-in, look above this post to see it in action with those icons above this post. like it said GO GET IT!

Skype Online Status – By RavanH (Visit plugin site)

You can add a status bottom anywhere on your blog, from posts to pages to side bars, pretty much anywhere so if you happen to be online when you viewers are on your blog they can call you directly from the blog by clicking the button their. Nice huh…

TweetBoard – By OpenWebStuff (Visit plugin site)

Great little nifty widget plug-in to add to your side bar, will show all your tweets and interactions on your blog, looks really nice too and simple to use.

Universal Post Manager – By ProfProjects ( Artyom Chakhoyan ) (Visit plugin site)

Great plug-in with loads of cool features, I use the poll one to be honest which allows me to interact with my visitors, but check it out.

WordPress Importer – By WordPressdotorg (Visit plugin site)

Import every single post, comment, custom fields, categories, tags and pretty much any piece of content form a WordPress export file, very useful for migrating from one blog to another.

WPtouch – By BraveNewCode Inc. (Visit plugin site)

A plugin which formats your site with a mobile theme for visitors on Apple iPhone / iPod touch, Google Android, Blackberry Storm and Torch, Palm Pre and other touch-based smartphones. Really cool little plug-in makes your blog look cool on phones.

I use all these plug-ins personally and recommend them to any network marketer to use to help them in their marketing efforts as well as make their blog look really cool!

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