MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype RecorderDo you want to record your prospecting calls for team training purposes directly on your hard drive in MP3 format? Here is a really cool little application MP3 Skype Recorder you can use to do just that.

The quality of calls is amazing and the app has no limitations at all.

Best of all it’s completely free to download and use whenever you want.

MP3 Skype Recorder is cool

MP3 Skype Recorder is a great little application which I use at times to record my prospecting calls (with permission of course) so I can provide the calls to my team to teach them how to call their prospects once they have generated leads.

MP3 Skype Recorder In Action

Want to download it simple just head over to http://voipcallrecording.com/ and download it directly from their.

I use it all the time.

Disclaimer, remember to get permission when using this software to record any conversation I do and I recommend you do the same.

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