A List Of Known Emoticon For Facebook

Emoticon For FacebookEmoticon For Facebook 🙂

Emoticon For Facebook everyone wants to use those cool little faces and smiles etc..that helps them express themselves when they are chatting away with their friends and prospects online.

Contrary to people thinking there are only a handful of these emoticons for Facebook available there are actually quite a few, and boy do I have a treat for you because I have got a list of at least a few of the more common emoticon for Facebook right here for you guys to start using and expressing yourself starting now.

Emoticon For Facebook

Here are some of the ones that I know of which work so you can start using right away:-

Emoticon For Facebook

How to use Emoticon For Facebook

O.K it’s quite simple to use Emoticon for Facebook all you need to do is when in a chat window on Facebook type in the corresponding characters next to the emoticon for Facebook you want to use and hit the enter key so for example if I wanted to use the smiley face I would type in :).

This is really all there is to it and how easy it is to express yourself on Facebook.

Now go give it a go and leave me a comment below.[stextbox id=”info”]

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